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South Africa 2015


Route 2015

  • Days:  57 days
  • Period Green route: January - February
  • Period Red route: March
  • Period Blue route: May
  • Weather: In Janaury and February we had warm summer weather and long days (it got dark at around 9 p.m.). Only at the Garden Route we had some rain but in general it was dry. Our days in Kruger in February were hot and dry. In May, when we returned to South Africa, the weather had totally changed. The west coast was often chilly and a small trip of land right at the sea was covered in atlantic fog most of the day. In Cape Town, autumn had started. The days were short and trees were in autumn colours and loosing their leaves. The weather was often cold and rainy days but there were also dry and sunny days that almost felt like summer. 
  • Roads: Will follow 

South Africa 2008


Route 2008

  • Period: December 2007 - January 2008
  • Weather: The temperature varies a lot. In the North East, around Pretoria and in Kruger it was quite hot. In the mountains it was cool and along the coastline (all the way from Durban to Cape Town) it was nice during the day (about 25 degrees), but rather cool in the evening. In the whole country we had some rain. Around Cape Town it rained the least but around Durban and in the mountains it was raining quite a lot.

South Africa 2002


General information:

  • Currency:  South African Rand

  • Internet: Widely available and often quite quick. In Kruger, Skukuza camp has internet.

  • ATM's: Everywhere, even at fuel stations and in shops. Also ATM's in most of the camps in Kruger.

  • Creditcards: Widely used and accepted.

  • Safety: We did not experience anything bad, but we took our precautions. South Africa has a high crime rate, so we were very careful here. We always stayed in safe places, looked for secured parking for our car and never went into the cities after dark. In the area of Ladysmith we were warned not to drive certain local roads in the late afternoon.

Prices (per January 2015)

  • Value Money: €1 = 13 Rand

  • Fuel:  Around 11 Rand per liter diesel.

  • Camping: South Africans are real campers and except for the big cities, campsites are everywhere. The price varies between 70 Rand per person per night to about 120 Rand per person per night. Kruger was 60 Rand per person per night. All campsites have hot water, most of the time there is power and sometimes they even have washing machines and dryers that you can use (just put in coins). Mostly 4 coins of 2 Rand for the washing machine and 5 coins for the dryer.

Visa (new rules per 2015)

  • For most nationalities a visa is not needed. You just get an immigration stamp on the border, free of cost .

  • Visa is multiple entry and valid for 90 days.

  • IMPORTANT: When travelling through Southern Africa, especially when you start and end your trip in South Africa, note that the visa rules for South Africa have changed. Officially you now only get 90 days per 12 months starting from first date of entry. This means that if your trip is longer than 3 months, and you return to South Africa after your visa has expired but within 12 months (also coming from countries outside the South African Union), you are not granted another 90 days like in the past. For most citizens re-entry will not be denied, but you only get a visa for 7 days then. There is however some flexibility within these rules. When we re-entered we got another 30 days instead of only 7 days. This was largely because we could prove that we would leave at the end of that month as we already has our flight tickets booked.

Border crossing

  • ENTRY 2015: We've entered at Cape Town international Airport

  • EXIT 2015: We left to Mozambique at Lebombo/Komatipoort
  • ENTRY 2015: We've entered at Sendelingsdrift, coming from Namibia
  • EXIT 2015: We've left from Cape Town international Airport
  • ENTRY 2007: We've entered from Botswana at Lobatse.

  • EXIT 2007: We left to Mozambique at Lebombo.

  • ENTRY 2008: We've entered from Mozambique at Giriyondo (Kruger NP).

  • EXIT 2008: We left to Swaziland at Jeppes Reef.

  • ENTRY 2008: We've entered from Swaziland at Lavumisa.

  • EXIT 2008: We left South Africa from Cape Town International Airport

Everytime getting out of or entering the country was quick and easy and without any costs. However since 2015 visa rules for re-entry after 90 days has changed. See date above.



Highlights or not

  • Cape Town, Bo-kaap: Collorful houses, nice to see.  

  • Cape Town, District 6 museum: 2015 Entry is 30 Rand per person. Small museum that tell the story of Apartheid and the forced moving of black people. Nearby is the famous Charley's Bakery and a huge wall painting of Nelson Mandela.
  • Cape Town, Two Oceans aquarium: 2015 Entry is 125 Rand per person. Located in the Waterfront. Great aquarium and the best we ever saw. Every sunday the sharks in the predator tank are handfed by divers. 
  • Bontebok NP: Small park. Not very special but has a very nice campsite.
  • Swartberg pass Scenic Drive: From Oudtshoorn take the Swartbergpass to Prince Albert and return via Meringspoort. It is a great drive and easily done in one day. Swartberg pass is off road, but not difficult. Near the pass is a turn off to Die Hell. Famous but rough off road track. We did not drive it. At Meringspoort is a waterfall with natural pool where you can have a swim. Area is very nice here. 
  • Kruger NP: Very developed. Do not expect to find the truly wild bush here. Nevertheless it is a great place with good campsites, nice restaurants and lots of animals. We have been here several times and like it a lot. All the main roads are good tarmac and the camps have shops, ATM's, restaurants etc. Spotting animals in Kruger can be hard as there is much thick bush. For us the best camp was Lower Sabie. When you want to stay you have to book in advance as this is also the most popular and not very big. Best restaurant in Kruger and watching the animials in the Lower Sabie river during sunset from the terrace if wonderful.
  • Golden Gate NP: Great scenery with amazing colours during sunset. 

  • Garden Route NP (Tsitsikamma): Nice when you are there, but to us it was nothing special. 
  • Addo Elephant NP: Small and tourist but we liked this NP. We saw lots of elephants but also many other animals. We even had a civet on the campsite. Definitely worth a visit. Make sure you book you campsite in advance.
  • Jane Goodall Chimp Eden: Entry 100 Rand per person. Shelter for rescued chimps. There is a tour twice a day where you are told the stories behind the rescued chimps. We liked it a lot. And the money spend is very welcome. 
  • Richtersveld NP: Very remote and dry but a beautiful rough landscape. Most roads are rocky and heavily corrugated offroad tracks.
  • Muisbosskerm restaurant: Near Lamberts Bay. Most famous restaurant on the westcoast. Only open on specific days and times so you must check they internet. This open air restaurant made from local bushes is located right on the beach and serves one of the best foods we ever ate. The fish is fresh and grilled or smoked while you are having a drink, the bread baked and still warm when served, the jams are home made and stews cooked on woodfires before your eyes. When you have the opportunity do not miss this place. 
  • Bird Island, Lamberts Bay: Small Island just near the small harbour of Lamberts Bay. The island is a birds paradise with thousands of birds. Most special are blue-eyed Cape gannets. There where thousands packed together in a small spot. Very nice place. If you have bad luck and catch the atlantic fog you can try again early the next morning. We had half an hour of blue skies before the fog returned.
  • Sun City:  Too fancy for us, but it might be fun if you want some entertainment, good restaurants and gambling. There is also a nice but extremely crowded swimming pool here. Although the entrance fee is not too expensive, the restaurants and shops are.

  • Hluhluwe: Nice reserve with many rhino. We visited this place only in 2002.

  • St Lucia wetlands: Nice place with many activities. In 2002 we did a boat trip here and saw many hippos and crocs. In the season (January) you can also book a tour to watch the turtles laying their eggs.

  • Zulu village: Around Kwazulu Natal Region. Not the real life anymore, but a show specially for the tourists. Nevertheless is was fun. We did this only in 2002.

  • Oudtshoorn: Visit an ostrich farm. Nice experience and you can even ride them. 

  • De Hoop nature reserve: We visited this place only in 2002, but it was one of the nicest places of South Africa.

  • Drakensbergen: Beautiful mountains great for hiking.

  • Table Mountain: A must for everybody visiting cape town.

  • Cape of Good hope: A legendary place

  • Gansbaai: In 2008 we were in the wrong season, but in 2002 in July/August we did a boat trip to see the Southern Right Whales. This was really great and we would have done it again if they would have been there.

  • Robben Island: Prison Island where Nelson Mandela lived for many year. This is really impressive to visit and was for us the best thing we did around Cape Town.

  • Blyde River Canyon: Beautiful surroundings. When you do this part do not miss Bourke Luck Potholes.

  • Pilgrims Rest: Old mining village, interesting to see.

  • Stellenbosch: Wine area. The village has a nice, old Dutch atmosphere. On the wine farm it is possible to do a wine tasting tour.




  • Wildcard: If you want to visit many sites and National Parks you better buy a wild card. In 2015 the price was 2770 Rand for two persons for a whole year. This is not very expensive as for example 6 days of entrance fees to Kruger for two people is already more than the price of the wildcard. With this card you have free access to all South Africa's sites and parks. If you want to sleep inside the parks the only thing you have to pay is your camping fee. In 2015 we got this card at the office in Cape Town (see waypoints). We could pay with visa here. Unlike in 2008 the card is not handed out directly anymore but send to your home which takes at least 6 weeks. This means we did not had the actual card and used our proof of purchase for entry (was never a problem). In 2008 we got this wildcard at the Giriyondo border between Kruger and Limpopo and here we could pay with Visa.  

  • Landrover maintenance 2008: In Muizenberg near Cape Town is a very good Land Rover mechanic. His name is Jim Newbigging. 3, Geneva Road , Muizenberg, Cape Town. For GPS data see list below.

  • Landrover maintenance 2008: LR Service center in Cape Town is also a Land Rover specialist. This garage however is expensive and has a long waiting list. For spare parts this place might be interesting, because they can supply everything you possibly need. Even small things like plugs, pins, plastic lids etc. The address is: 201 Victoria Road, Southfield Cape Town, 0027-217050474. For GPS coordinates see list below.

  • 2008: MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a good shipping company that offers very good prices. They sail all around the world. Their phone number in Durban is: 031-3607187. The address is: MSC House, 54 Winder Street, Durban. For GPS coordinates see list below.

  • Green elephant backpackers: conveniently located backpackers hostel in Cape Town City. They have dorms as well as private ensuite. Very friendly staff.  
  • Camping in NP without reservation: When you were not able to book in advance and have the bad luck that campsites are fully booked you can try to find a South African family that is willing to share their site with you. Almost all campsites in the NP allow 2 cars and groups of up to 8 people per site.
  • Extra discount on camping fee Kruger: When you book your campsites in advance through the internet there is an extra discount of 5% (with wildcard).
  • Laundry: All campsite in Kruger NP have washing machines 
  • Sendelingsdrift ferry: This ferry across the Orange River on the border between Namibia and South Africa is not suitable for heavy trucks. Price was 160 Rand for one car and it's passengers (one way).

Roads (January 2015)

  • In general: All major roads are tarmac and in good condition.

  • Chapman's Peak Drive: Toll = 38 Rand one way. Nice drive, tarmac
  • Swartberg pass: Free. Good off road piste; not too steep and not too rocky. 
  • Sendelingsdrift to Alexander bay: offroad track that is heavily corrugated.


Important addresses


Nederlandse ambassade in Zuid-Afrika
825 Arcadia Street
Pretoria 0083
P.O. Box 117
Pretoria 0001
Fax. 00-27-12-3439950
Open: maandag-donderdag 08:00-12:30, 13:30-17:30, vrijdag 08:00-13:00 (kantoor)


Links - Cheap flight to South Africa



Shipping from Cape Town to Rotterdam 2015 


May 2015 we shipped the car from South Africa (Cape Town) to the Netherlands (Rotterdam). This time we shipped together with friends and send two Landcruisers in a 40ft high cube container. (in case of a 40ft there is no price difference between normal cube or high cube). Shipping two cars in a 40ft saves about 25% of the costs compared to sending just one car in a 20ft container. 


The agent we used for export is the same agent we used when we imported the car.


Contact: Deon Maart
Tel: 021-4210290 

Fax: 021-4215821 

Cell: 083 5556089 


Address: 401, 4th floor, Tulbagh Centre, Hans Strijdom Ave, Cape Town, 8000




Loading the car was a quick and easy procedure and we were allowed to drive the vehicles in ourselves. Lashing was done very professional (extra important when transporting two cars in one container). 


Total cost paid to our agent in South Africa was 19.500 Rand (€ 1500,-) per car.

For the whole 40ft container (containing two cars) we paid a total of 39.000 Rand.

This price was including the fee for the agent, all harbour, loading and lashing costs in Cape Town, customs fee and all shipping costs. 

 On top of this we paid an extra 750 Rand per car extra for a marine insurance covering total loss.  


In addition to the costs paid in Cape Town we paid another € 480 per car (€ 960 for the 40ft container) for the clearing on arrival in Rotterdam.

More details on these costs and the procedure in Rotterdam see "Country information Netherlands". 


Just like when importing the car the South Africa also for the export we had to provide our agent with our Carnet, a Carnet authorisation letter and an inventory list. 


Transit time from Cape Town to Rotterdam was 18 days.

Shipping from Thailand (Bangkok) to Cape Town 2015


December 2014 we shipped the car from Bangkok (Thailand) to Cape Town. In Thailand we used agent KPS and total costs here were about 2450 Euro. For details see country information of Thailand. Total transit time from Bangkok to Cape Town was 30 days.


In addition to the costs paid in Bangkok we had to pay for clearing in Cape Town. These costs were 8300 Rand (€ 640) in total. Clearing was done within one day (we did send our Carnet to our agent beforehand and the container was telex released (Surrender BL). The day of the clearing we just had to wait in the hostel untill all was done. Then we received a phone call from our agent that we could pick up the car. We then went to the SACD (container depot) and picked up the car. SARS customs check was already done then. We had to pay our agent in cash.


In order to get the car through customs quickly we provided our agent with our Carnet, an inventory list of everything inside the car and a letter where we give the agent authority to handle the Carnet on our behalf (Carnet Authorisation Letter).

download a template here.


The agent we used was (very fast and good and quoted a good price): 


Contact: Deon Maart
Tel: 021-4210290 

Fax: 021-4215821 

Cell: 083 5556089 


Address: 401, 4th floor, Tulbagh Centre, Hans Strijdom Ave, Cape Town, 8000


Shipping from Cape Town to India 2008 


At the end of our Africa trip we shipped our car from Cape Town (South Africa) to Nhava Sheva (Mumbai, India). In Cape Town we worked with a very good agent who organised this shipment. All bookings and documents everything was organised by the agent.


In short this is how it worked:

  • Day one, on Monday, at the office of our agent we signed the papers to confirm the shipment. At that same moment the agent immediately made the bookings and within half an hour everything was arranged.

  • The next day, on Tuesday, we want back to pay the shipment (cash in local currency) and to bring the Carnet.

  • During the next couple of days the agent kept in contact in case there would be any delay.

  • Luckily there was no delay, so three days later, on Friday, we went to the terminal (SACD, see list below for GPS data) were everything was well organised. When we arrived everybody was informed and waiting for us. First we did the customs clearing. A custom officer, who was picked up by our agent checked our car, the chassis and engine number and asked us some questions. Then the loading started. We drove the car into the container where two people professionally packed and tighted the car. After everything was done the container was sealed and we were given a document with the seal number and the container number. Then everything was finished and after our agent had dropped the customs official back at his office he returned to bring us the fully signed carnet and gave us a ride to town.

  • After everything was done Dewald, the person at the office who arranged our shipment, called to check if everything was OK.

  • During the next days Dewald kept us posted about the date the ship would sail and we received all the information to track our container on the internet.

  • A couple of days later, again without any delay, the original bill of loading was send to us in Holland by courier.

Our agent did it all and everything went very smooth. The name of this agent is:

Federal Clearing Forwarding

42 Colestreet

Cape Town

Responsible for import matters is: Dewald Bester



phone: 0027-21-4485043


The shipping company that shipped our container is Safmarine.


The costs of this shipment was:

Oceanfreight (Container) = 6900 ZAR

BAF (transport costs related to oil price) = 1656 ZAR

Line release charges: 450 ZAR

THC (Terminal Handling Charges): 795 ZAR

Transport of container from depot to port: 650 ZAR

Documentation: 200 ZAR

Agency costs: 95 ZAR

Communications: 35 ZAR

Cargo dues: 835,68 ZAR

Packing container: 1000 ZAR

Exam attendance (bringing the customs to the terminal, bringing the customs back to the office in town, bringing the signed carnet back to the terminal): 100 ZAR

ISPS (no idea what this is): 41,40 ZAR

Couriers costs (Bill of Loading to Netherlands): 250 ZAR


The total of all these costs is: 13008 ZAR (1 South Africa Rand - 1 Euro)

On the South African side we had no other costs. All the costs where paid to our agent. If you choose to deal with the shipping company yourself you should pay the first three costs (container, BAF, Line release charges) to the shipping company and the other costs to the agent.


GPS-waypoints 2015

Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

Download page for list of waypoints in Excel or Garmin format

SA-AGULHAS - S34°49.988 E19°59.999
Cape Agulhas, Africa's most southern tip

SA-BAINS - S33°30.796 E19°11.572
Start and/or end of the Bainskloof drive

SA-BAINSPA - S33°37.733 E19°06.014
Bains Pass

SA-BAKERY1 - S28°30.734 E28°25.583
Clarens, Good bakery

SA-BANDEN - S34°03.997 E18°27.532
Cape Town, Tiger Tire Center. Good tyre shop

SA-BIRD - S32°05.381 E18°18.135
Lamberts Bay, Bird Island

SA-BLUASHE - S34°10.896 E22°09.018
Near Mosselbaai, The Blue Shed, good coffee and excellent cakes. Also has free Wi-Fi

SA-BOKAAP - S33°55.241 E18°24.874
Cape Town, Bo-Kaap colourful houses

SA-BONTDBO - S34°03.342 E20°28.393
Bontebok NP entrance

SA-BONTEB1 - S34°02.463 E20°28.336
Bontebok NP, Main Gate

SA-BOULDES - S34°11.699 E18°26.816
Cape Town, Boulders Beach Pinguin colony

SA-BOURKES - S24°40.452 E30°48.672
Bourkes Luck Potholes

SA-BUNGEE - S33°57.959 E23°38.922
Bungee Jump Bridge

SA-BUSHACT - S33°55.134 E18°25.534
Cape Town, Office Bush Active (mr. Deon Maart), good shipping agent. Hans Strijdom Avenue, Tulbagh Centre, 4th floor

SA-CAMP01 - S34°05.781 E18°28.394
Cape Town, Muizenberg, Zandvlei campsite. Basic but clean and convenient near the main road to downtown Cape Town. Cheapest place to camp near Cape Town. Attracts many black South African tourists. Safe place. 148 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity.

SA-CAMP02 - S33°47.741 E18°57.728
Paarl, Berg rivier resort. Nice camping near the river. Clean ablution. 140 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car without electricity

SA-CAMP03 - S34°20.008 E19°02.429
Kleinmond, Caravanpark Kleinmond. Quiet and nice surroundings. Each spot has a braai. 143 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car.

SA-CAMP04 - S34°32.493 E20°02.740
Bredasdorp, Municipal camp. Basic but good enough. Ablution was clean. Cheapest campsite we had in South Africa. 110 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car.

SA-CAMP05 - S34°04.602 E20°27.228
Bontebok NP, campsite near the lake (no electricity here). These spots are nicer than the ones with electricity. Price was 220 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car. (wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP06 - S33°45.967 E20°54.060
On route 62, Camp Warmwaterberg spa. Nice views of the Karoo. Swimming pool with warm water from the hot spring. Free wifi. Price was 160 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car without electricity.

SA-CAMP07 - S33°34.559 E22°12.171
Oudtshoorn, Kleinplaas campsite. Big campsite in the village. Good ablution, swimming pool and free wifi at the reception. Price was 162 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity.

SA-CAMP08 - S33°59.080 E22°36.477
Wilderness NP, near Knysna, ebb and flow restcamp. Nice spots near the river. Good walking trails and canoeing here. Campsite has areas with power and without. Price was 172 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car without electricity (wildcard discount )

SA-CAMP09 - S33°58.231 E23°33.805
Nature Valley NP, camping. Good place and nice canoeing here. Watch out for the monkeys. Price was 191 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car (wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP10 - S34°07.780 E24°33.936
Brakkeduine 4x4 camp. Campsite on a dirt road to St. Francis Bay. Has it's own lake for fishing and offers a challenging circuit for 4x4 drving (min. 3 cars and booking in advance). Price was 150 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car. Ablution very basic.

SA-CAMP11 - S34°02.692 E24°55.659
Jeffreys Bay Caravan park. Nice but not fenced campsite near the ocean. Views are great but stay close to the other guests. Security can be a problem here. Place is often very windy. Most famous surf spot in South Africa. Price was 180 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car without electricity

SA-CAMP12 - S33°26.646 E25°44.697
Addo Elephant Main Camp (best to book in advance). Nice sites, good ablution, free wifi at the restaurant. Sites are often fully booked. We were only able to stay because we could share a site with others. Price was 220 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity.

SA-CAMP13 - S33°30.662 E26°49.186
camped in the garden of a local B&B of Jon and Yvonne. Very nice people. If you ever go here tell them you found them on our website.

SA-CAMP14 - S30°39.093 E26°43.986
Aliwal North, The Nest B&B. Place also offers a few campsites. Because place is near the road there is a lot of noise from passing trucks. Convenient located on the way to Lesotho. Ablution is clean. Price was 150 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car (without electricity)

SA-CAMP15 - S28°30.296 E28°37.075
Golden Gate NP campsite, nice camping in a beautiful scenery. Good ablution. Price was 182 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car without electricity. (wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP16 - S27°57.826 E29°54.716
Chelmsford NP, Leokop campsite. Camped surrounded by zebra. NP was deserted and not very well maintained. Ablution was old and not very good. Price was 140 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car (no electricity)

SA-CAMP17 - S25°29.576 E30°56.209
Caravanpark Nelspruit. Expensive campsite but the only one left in Nelspruit. Every camp has it's own braai. Ablution good. Campsite is good, but still we did not like it very much. Price was 240 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity.

SA-CAMP18 - S24°56.854 E30°50.652
Graskop, Panorama camp. Very nice place with a stunning view from the swimming pool. Good ablution and good and free wifi in the restaurant. Price was 175 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car.

SA-CAMP19 - S24°20.963 E30°57.582
Hoedspruit Estate. Holiday estate that also runs a campsite. Many locals live here permanently. Good ablution and close to town. Look for the bush babies in the trees. Price was 200 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car.

SA-CAMP20 - S24°23.590 E31°46.544
Kruger NP, Satara camp. Big campsite. Try to get a spot near the fence. Braai wood in the camp store. No wifi. Camp is located in the area where you may find big cats. Price was 182 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity. (wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP21 - S25°07.224 E31°54.958
Kruger NP, Lower Sabie camp. Small campsite in a wildlife rich part of the park. Camp has the nicest restaurant in the park (great view over the river with hippo's). Most favorite camp in the park and mostly fully booked. You must book in advance. Price was 214 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car (wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP22 - S24°59.765 E31°35.630
Kruger NP, Skukuza. Largest camp in the park. Not the nicest but has all the facilities. Free wifi in the restaurant as well. Price was 204 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity. (wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP23 - S25°21.450 E31°53.615
Kruger NP, Crocodile bridge. Small camp at the southern edge of the park and near the borderpost with Mozambique. A return trip into the nearest town for shopping is just half an hour. Price was 202 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electicity. (wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP24 - S28°04.442 E16°57.828
Richtersveld NP, Potjiespram campsite. Small campsite in the park at the banks of the Orange River. Place has a remote feel and ablution is basic. Watch out for the monkeys here. Near the Sendelingsdrift ferry. Price was 197 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car (no electricity and wildcard discount)

SA-CAMP25 - S29°40.373 E17°53.994
Springbok Caravan Park. Big park with spacious spots conveniently close to the main road. Very clean ablution. Do not go here for the scenery. Price was 160 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car.

SA-CAMP26 - S32°00.031 E18°46.635
Rondeberg resort. Good spot with a great view over the lake where you can go fishing. Most sites have their own private kitchen, ablution and carport. Free wifi at the bar. Place is mainly visited by local South Africans. Price for the luxury site with private ablution was 200 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity.

SA-CAMP27 - S32°05.044 E18°21.933
Lamberts Bay, Xamarin camp. Campsite is nothing special but a good option when you want to escape the chilly Atlantic for in Lambert Bay. This place lies just outside the misty coastal zone and is mostly sunny. Place is quiet but ablution is poor. Asking price was high, so you must bargain here. Price was 200 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car

SA-CAMP28 - S32°50.362 E17°51.703
Paternoster, Tietiesbaai Beach Campsite. Quite campsite just outside Paternoster. Great place with clean ablution but no other facilities. Watch the weather because it can be very windy here. When it is calm is it a very nice place to camp right at the sea. Price was 131 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car no electricity.

SA-CAMP29 - S34°07.964 E18°20.282
Cape Town, Kommetjie, Imhof Caravan Park. Nice campsite. Reasonably priced in low season but expensive in high season. Located near the beach in a very nice neighbourhood. Ablution is very clean. Price was 160 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car including electricity.

SA-CAMP30 - S34°00.980 E18°25.954
Constantia Guesthouse. Cosy reasonably priced questhouse with two bedrooms in the nice Constantia wine area. Space for two cars inside the gate. Can be booked through Airbnb.

SA-CHIMP - S25°34.500 E31°00.256
Near Nelspruit, Chimp Eden, Jane Goodall Institute. Sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees. The money you spend here is very welcome and the stories behind te rescued chimps touching.

SA-CLARENS - S28°30.842 E28°25.320
Clarens, nice little village with good restaurants and shops

SA-DISTRIC - S33°55.687 E18°25.480
Cape Town, District 6 Bakery. Famous bakery with delicous cakes located in the old district 6 area. A mural depicting Nelson Mandela and the District 6 Museum are just around the corner. Big parking area just in front of the bakery.

SA-EUROPCA - S33°55.024 E18°25.240
Cape Town, Europcar car rentals.

SA-HOMEAFF - S33°55.643 E18°25.336
Cape Town, Home affairs office. For information on visa etc.

SA-HOUTBAY - S34°02.811 E18°20.923
Houtbaai. Well know fish and chips restaurant. In the harbour, just in front of the restaurant, you can find locals feeding wild seals. If you pay them some money you can try it yourself.

SA-JCT - S25°33.726 E30°58.289
Near Nelspruit. Junction to Chimp Eden

SA-LS - S30°25.935 E27°34.054
Tele bridge border post. Border between South Africa and Lesotho.

SA-MALL - S34°03.897 E18°27.212
Cape Town, Blue Route Mall

SA-MZ - S25°26.924 E31°59.364
Ressano Garcia border post. Border between South Africa (Kamatipoort) and Mozambique

SA-NANAGA - S33°36.490 E25°55.198
Nanaga Farm Store. Great farm shop with fresh baked bread and other delicious stuff. Go here!

SA-RESTAU1 - S32°07.777 E18°18.336
Lamberts Bay, Muisbosskerm restaurant. Open air restaurant. For us one of the highlights of the west coast. All food is freshly prepared before your eyes. Only open a few times a week so check before you go. But if you can go here, do not miss it.

SA-RESTAUR - S29°15.296 E16°52.256
Mar e Sol. Tiny restaurant in a small west coast village. One of the best grilled hakes we ate was here.

SA-SACD1 - S33°55.010 E18°27.772
Cape Town, Container depot.

SA-SDA - S34°08.322 E18°25.757
Fish Hoek, SDA church.

SA-SDA1 - S33°58.954 E18°27.820
Claremont, Cape Town. SDA church.

SA-SHARK - S34°36.921 E19°21.321
Kleinbaai, best place for shark trips.

SA-SW1 - S27°06.324 E31°04.207
Mahamba border post. Border between South Africa and Swaziland.

SA-SWARTBE - S33°21.511 E22°03.254
Swartberg Pass. Great drive between Prince Albert and Oudtshoorn

SA-TABLE - S33°56.937 E18°24.295
Cape Town, Table Mountain cable car and parking area.

SA-TMNP - S34°03.571 E18°25.108
Cape Town. TMNP office. Here you can purchase your wildcard.

SA-TOY - S25°25.877 E30°57.931
Nelspruit, Toyota dealer

SA-TOYOTA1 - S34°03.927 E18°27.531
Cape Town, Toyota dealer, Tokai road

SA-WATERFR - S33°54.104 E18°25.361
Cape Town, Waterfront and parking

SA-WATERVA - S33°24.469 E22°33.492
Meringpoort, Waterfall. Swimming under the waterfall here is allowed. Very nice but icy cold water.

SA-WINDOW - S24°52.603 E30°53.275
God's Window viewpoint. Located in the Blyde river Canyon

GPS-waypoints 2007/2008

Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Pretoria S25.43.395 E028.12.186 Shops LA Sports 4x4 equipment shop. Here you can buy TJM shock absorbers.
Pretoria S25.47.372 E028.16.479 Shops Safari center 4x4 equipment shop. Here you can buy Old Men Emu shocks.
Pretoria S25.47.457 E028.16.691 Shops 4x4 Megaworld 4x4 equipment shop. 
Zeerust S25.32.706 E026.04.760 Banks FNB Bank  
Zeerust S25.33.021 E026.04.455 Camping Sha-Hennes Not special but OK for one night. Toilet, hot shower, restaurant.
Pretoria S25.47.227 E028.11.737 Camping Fountains Valley Public campsite. Safe but noisy and next to the railway and highway. Toilet, hot shower, electricity, water tap
Twana lodge S25.48.481 E028.23.273 Camping Twana lodge Very nice place. It similar to Jungle Junction in Nairobi; an overlanders paradise very many facilities. Toilet, hot shower, internet, book exchange, bar, living room, kitchen, swimming pool, workshop and place to dump old oil
Nelspruit S25.27.964 E030.56.862 Camping Safubi Caravan Park Clean but big campsite that can be crowded with families with kids during holidays. Toilet, hot shower, power, water tap
Kruger NP, Letaba S23.51.253 E031.34.499 Camping Letaba Big campsite with many facilities. Hot water, tap, swimming pool, braai, power, ATM, shops, restaurant
Kruger NP, Skukuza S24.59.701 E031.35.518 Camping Skukuza Big campsite with many facilities. Hot water, tap, swimming pool, braai, power, ATM, shops, restaurant, internet
St. Lucia S28.22.743 E032.24.577 Camping Bib Backpackers Not very clean but OK and on a good location. Camping is on the grass or on the parking if you have a rooftop tent. hot water, bar, restaurant, public kitchen, internet, booking office
Durban S29.50.999 E030.59.872 Accommodation Nomad backpackers Good backpackers place on a good location close to a very large mall. Double bed, en suite bathroom, public kitchen, internet, secure parking, bar
Durban S29.50.899 E030.56.025 Shops Pavilion Mall Very big mall on the edge of town.
Durban S29.51.628 E031.02.031 Transport  MAC shipping company Shipping company that sails to most harbors. Here we got the best offer.
Sun City S25.21.540 E027.06.423 Place of interest Sun City Luxury gambling, shopping and fun
Jeppes Reef S25.45.041 E031.28.088 Border   Border between South Africa and Swaziland
Scottburg S30.17.164 E030.45.563 Camping Scottburg Campsite Nice and clean place right on the beach. Place is however visited a lot by old people. hot shower, toilet, power, water tap, public washing machines and tumble dryers, shop
Cape Town S33.55.913 E018.28.014 Transport  Federal Clearing Forwarding Very good agent that arranged our complete shipment for a very good price.
Simonstown S34.11.699 E018.26.816 Place of interest Boulders Beach Penguin colony
Butterworth S32.19.397 E028.08.707 Accommodation Country club Best place to stay in town. Officially you must be a member but staying here was no problem. They have secure parking and you can also camp here. En suite, TV, Airco, bar and restaurant
Tsitsikamma S33.57.969 E023.39.441 Camping Khoisan village Unfriendly campsite close to the highway. The water for showering was brown and cold. toilet, hot shower, power, water tap
Swellendam S34.00.751 E020.27.317 Camping Swellendam backpackers Nice backpackers place with a lot of space for camping. toilet, hot water, bar, internet
Muizenberg S34.05.911 E018.28.364 Camping Zandvlei Big place with a somewhat lonely atmosphere. toilet, hot water, power, public washing machine and tumble dryer.
Kommetjie S34.07.963 E018.20.282 Camping Imhof Nice campsite. toilet, hot water, power, braai, public washing machine and tumble dryer
Cape Town S33.56.416 E018.33.895 Various Hannibal Workshop hannibal equipment. Go here to get your Hannibal gear serviced.
Butterworth S32.19.699 E028.08.669 Junction   Junction to the Country Club
Cape Town S34.02.023 E018.29.105 Garages LR Service Expensive Landrover workshop, but they sell every part you need.
Muizenberg S34.05.795 E018.28.773 Garages Faser Scotsman who has his own Landrover workshop. Jim is skilled, charges reasonable prices and willing to help you quickly. We can really recommend him.
Cape Town S33.53.733 E018.33.314 Garages Landrover Official dealer
Cape Town S33.54.886 E018.28.607 Shops 4x4 Megaworld 4x4 equipment
Cape Town S33.54.634 E018.28.224 Garages Landrover workshop Another Landrover workshop. Has less parts in stock than LR service, but is a bit cheaper.
Cape Town S33.55.167 E018.27.339 Transport  SACD container terminal Here all containers shipped from Cape Town are packed.