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Shipping from Cape Town to Rotterdam 2015

May 2015 we shipped the car from South Africa (Cape Town) to the Netherlands (Rotterdam). This time we shipped together with friends and send two Landcruisers in a 40ft high cube container. (in case of a 40ft there is no price difference between normal cube or high cube). Shipping two cars in a 40ft saves about 25% of the costs compared to sending just one car in a 20ft container. Total costs per car were € 2000,-

For information on costs paid in South Africa and details of the agent we used see 

Country information page South Africa


Costs paid in the Netherlands for importing the car:

  • € 250,- Clearance costs (paid to Boeckmans, shipping company)
  • € 245,- Extra costs for customs scan (only when your container is selected)
  • € 275,- Container trucking, Transport to warehouse, unloading and returning empty container (paid to Helleman BV)
  • €   95,- Handling Carnet  (paid to Helleman BV)


Except for the fee for handling of the Carnet (which is a price per Carnet), all other costs are per container. As we shared a 40ft container with friends we each paid half.  

For transport of the container to a warehouse were it could be unloaded (forbidden in the port), unloading, returning of the empty container and handling of the Carnet we used a forwarding agent


Agent who organised the container trucking in Rotterdam:
Helleman BV

Contact: Jeroen Hoogvliet

Tel       +31 186 650658
Fax      +31 186 650655



Documents that Helleman needed: Carnet and Carnet Authorisation Letter.

Transit time from Cape Town to Rotterdam: 18 days.



A customs scan is not standard procedure. You only have to pay for this when the Dutch customs select your container for extra checks. These checks are done free of charge but the owner of the container is responsible for trucking (transport from the container to the scan terminal and back). We had bad luck. Our container was selected. This meant extra costs of € 245,-