Sweden 2010



  • Days : 5
  • Period: First half of August 2010
  • Weather: About 20 degrees with sometime much rain.
  • Roads: Mostly tarmac, good condition. Sometimes road works.

General information:

  • Currency: Swedish Krone (SEK)

  • Internet: Available at librairies and wifi on many campsites

  • ATM's:  Available everywhere

  • Creditcards: Accepted everywhere

  • Safety: Safe country

Prices (per August 2010)

  • Value Money: €1 = SEK 9,30

  • Fuel:  Diesel costs 12,40  per liter ( € 1,33)

  • Camping: 2 persons and car (no electricity) is about SEK 120

  • Bread: no data

  • Other prices: see highlights

Border crossing

  • Entry: Öresund bridge between Copenhagen (Danmark) and Malmö (Sweden). Toll fee for the bridge is SEK 375 for a normal car. Fee can be paid with Visa

  • Exit: Karesuando on the border with Finland. No costs, no check.

Highlights or not

  • Göteborg = Nice old city center. Parking is difficult when you have a high vehicle. See waypoints for a parking address.

  • Jaravallen Nature Reserve = Good walking, free camping.

  • Haverud Aquaduct = Nice stop on the way. Nice piece of enigineering.

  • Kyrkstad in Vilhelmina = Old quarter with traditional housing in scandinavian colours. No entry fee.

  • Lappstaden in Arvidsjaur = Ancient church village from the Sami people. No entry fee.

  • Stensele = Largest wooden church of Sweden

  • Jokkmokk = nice village to take a stroll and do some shopping.

  • Vittangi Älgpark = Learn everything about the moose. You can touch them as well. Open from 10:00 to 17:00. Entry SEK 120 per person.


  • Get a good mosquito repellent. There are many mosquito's here and they bite. Also be aware of thicks they are common and many carry lyme disease.

  • If you are heading for Norway fill up with food and fuel in Sweden as Norway is much more expensive.

  • Do not drive too fast. Be aware of speed cameras.


  • no data



Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"



Haverud N58.49.254 E12.24.553 Haverud Aquaduct   Unique Aquaduct
Jaravellen  N55.48.395 E12.56.600 bush camp   On de parking of Jaravallen Nature Reserve. Great spot. Toilets available.
Grums (nearby) N59.27.023 E13.12.906 bush camp   End of a small road, near a lake.
Ostersund (nearby) N62.29.378 E14.29.159 Nature Camping SEK 40 per night per car (just put the money in a box) Nature camping at a lake. Dirty long drop toilets
Blattnicksele N65.20.509 E17.34.811 Blattnicksele camping SEK 100 per night (2 persons and car, no electricity) Beautiful camping near a lake. Clean facilities, nice view, swimming, fishing and friendly staff. Electricity, wifi, toilets, shower, water, laundry, swimming pool.
Vittangi N67.41.668 E21.37.244 Vittangi camping SEK 120 per night (2 persons, car, no electricity) Nice camping near a lake. Clean facilities. Electricity, toilet, shower, laundry, kitchen, fire place.
Stensele N65.04.216 E17.09.707 Stensele church   Largest wooden church in Sweden
Vilhelmina N64.37.683 E16.38.981 Kyrkstad no entry fee Old neighbourhood with traditional wooden buildings
Arvidsjaur N65.35.765 E19.10.309 Lappstaden no entry fee Small ancient church village for the Sami people
Vittangi N67.40.712 E21.36.794 Algpark SEK 120 per person Moose park. Expensive but nice experience.
Goteborg N57.42.715 E11.58.415 Parking Parking fee must be paid. Take small cash. Parking in the open (no parking garage) nearby central station. Walking distance to the center.