Romania 2007



  • Period: March 2007
  • Weather: Cold with rain, sun and snow
  • Roads: The roads on the route we did were all in good condition

General information:

  • Currency: Lei   

  • ATM's:  Available in the larger cities

  • Creditcards: Accepted in a lot of places

  • Safety: nothing special

Prices (per July 2007)

  • Value Money: €1 = 3,3 Lei

  • Fuel:  Diesel costs 3 Lei per liter (0,91 euro)


  • When you leave Romania at Giurgiu and enter Bulgary at Ruse you have to cross a large bridge over the Donau. For this bridge you have to pay bridge tax. The tax is  € 7,20 or 25 Lei. You have to pay exactly this amount in cash.


  • For driving on Romanian Road you need a vignet. On the border it is not clearly indicated that you need it and on entry it is not checked. When leaving however they do check if you had one. If not the fine can be 250 Euro. You can buy the Vignet on the border or at some petrol stations. Sometimes you have to try several as in many places they are sometimes sold out. The petrol stations you can buy them are: Rompetrol en Petrom. A vignet for one week costs 10 Lei. If you buy the Vignet you get a note with the details belonging to the vignet. It is very important to keep this together with the vignet, without it it is worthless.




Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Arad N46.10.635 E021.21.482 Hotel Pension Poiana Basic but very clean
Giurgiu N43.54.880 E025.58.277 Hotel   Good food but the beds are old
Cornatel N45.47.735 E024.21.182 Various Orphanage  Orphanage of Iona and Henk