Germany 2011

2xperience overland duitsland

General information:

  • Currency: Euro  

  • ATM's: In every city

  • Creditcards:  excepted throughout the country

  • Safety: Nothing special

Prices (per August 2012)

  • Value Money: €1 

  • Fuel:  €1,47 per liter (diesel)  

Highlights or not

  • Potsdam, Park Sanssouci (2012) = Nice park with a lot of statues, fountains and old baroque buildings.  Entry is for free. Parking at the nearby parking area is quite expensive. Rate for parking a camper was € 10 for almost 2 hours. 

  • Berlin (2012) = criss crossing the city by public transport. Day pass € 6,25 per person per day (sightseeing bus not included). Many interesting places like the remnants of the old wall, Brandenburger tor, Unter den Linden, Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie, War monument for Jewish victems are for free.
  • Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie (2012) = for € 5,- you can get 6 old DDR visa stamps in your passport
  • Berlin, East Side Gallery (2012) = for free. Piece of the Old Wall decorated with paintings and artwork from various artists. We really liked this place.
  • Berlin, monument and museum for murdered Jews (2012) = for free. Nice monument and a very moving museum telling the story of the suffering of the Jews during WWII. Audio tour in a lot of languages available. 
  • Berlin, Old Jewish Synagoge (2012) = €3 for visiting the synagoge, an additional €2 for visiting the tower.
  • Colditz = Old fortress where prisoners of war were held during WWII. We did not like the place. Not much to see and not worth the detour.
  • Dresden = Almost completely destroyed during the war. Most of the old building are restored. The old city was impressive.


  • If you want to visit the Reichstag in Berlin, bring you passport. You need it to get in. 
  • If you want to visit the Fernsehturm in Berlin, be early. It can be very crowded.


Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

N51°29.515    E8°07.497    Mohnsee   (2011)
Camper area. €4 for 12 hours. Simple but OK. You must way with coins.

N47°48.551    E12°29.487    Stegen  (2011)
Campiing. €10 per night for 2 persons and a car. Shower is €1 per person. You can order fresh bread for in the morning and for cold nights there is a cabin with a fire place.

N50°11.381    E10°04.304    Bad Kissingen (2011)
Camping. € 12,50 per night (2 persons and a car). This is for the cheap spot next to the entrance.

N47°48.886    E12°22.060    Chiemsee  (2011)

N51°35.882    E8°30.960    Autohof A44 (2011)
Fuel and shower

N52°33.186    E13°12.044    Berlin (2012)
Camperarea in Berlin. We have not stayed here. The address is Askanierring 70

N52°35.733    E13°17.344    Berlin (2012)  
Camperarea in Berlin. Address: Weidmannsluster Damm. Walking distance to Underground which goes directly to the city center. Price (high season) €15 for a medium sized spot. Shower €4 a day plus an additional €1 per shower (you must give your driving licence as deposit for the key).

N51°07.751    E12°48.321    Colditz  
Famous fortress used as a prison in WWII. Some parts can be visited free of charge

N51°03.383    E13°44.584    Dresden (2012)
Camperarea and parking near the opposite the old town. Beautiful from just outisde the area.
€ 14 per night without power and no facilities.

N52°29.481    E13°19.400    Berlin (2012)
Non Solo Vini, probably the best Italian restaurant in Berlin.

N53°59.578    E11°22.834    Island Poel  (2012)
Camperarea Timmendorfstrand on the Island Poel. € 11 per night .
No toilet available only shower €1 (get the key from the nearby shop)

N52°52.977    E9°35.784    Walsrode  (2012)
Camperarea at the back of the parking of "Vogelpark Walsrode" (a bird zoo).
Camping is free of charge and toilets stay open 24 hours.

N49°46.927     E9°34.011 Bettingen (2014)
Camping Part Wertheim Bettingen. Good spot with clean showers. Internet at the entrace. You can camp next to the river. Price for camping 17 Euro per night for 2 people