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Croatia 2011 



  • Period: August 2011
  • Weather:  Sunny en very hot (40 degrees)

General information:

  • Currency: Kuna 

  • Internet: Available. Many campings also have wifi

  • ATM's: Available widely

  • Creditcards: Accepted everywhere

  • Safety: nothing special

Prices (August 2011)

  • Value Money: €1 = 7,5 HRK (Kuna)

  • Fuel: diesel is HRK 9,24 per liter

  • Camping: between 95 HRK - 290 HRK per night for 2 persons

Visa and border crossing

  • Entry and Exit, quick easy and free of costs. 

  • For EU citizens no visa needed. Passport should be valid for at least 3 months.  


Highlights or not

  • Rastoke: HRk 20 per person (creditcards accepted). Small old village built on top of a waterfall. Water is running right through the village. 

  • Plitvice Lakes: HRK 110 per person (including train and boot inside the park). Parking HRK 70 per day or HRK 7 per hour. Beautiful park with blue lakes and many waterfalls. Definitely worth a visit. We parked at Parking 1 and walked from lowest lakes to the top. This way you always look up to the waterfalls which is a nicer view than walking the other way. 

  • Imotski Crater Lakes: there are two lakes. The Blue lake has a nice walk to a view point. Entry is for free.
  • Dubrovnik: Very beautiful city. We loved the old city center. 
  • Dubrovnik City Walls: Although expensive (70 HRK per person) a walk over the old city walls is great. Escpecially just before sunset. The views are great and you get a nice glimps on city life behind the walls.
  • Zadar Sea Organ: Nice city to visit. Relax at sea listening to the souds of the sea organ. 



  • Toll: A1 Exit 13 - 19 = HRK 32

  • Toll: A1 Split to Dubrovnik Exit 25-28 = HRK 14
  • Toll: A1 Dubrovnik to Sibenik (exit 22) = HRK 57
  • Dubrovnik public transport: From Autocamp Solitudo you can get to the old city easy by bus. 12 HRK per person (one way). Bus leave only a few minutes walk from the campsite.

  • Camp Z Peter: See waypoints - No luxury but for us so far the best place in Croatia



  • all roads we drove were good tarmac

Links - car routes to Croatia - Travel info Croatia (Dutch)


Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

Waypoints used during Balkan trip in 2011

N43°25.355    E17°16.355    Gorica
Border Croatia - Bosnia

N43°26.899    E17°12.612    Imotski  
Blue Lake. There a nice walk to a viewpoint

N45°37.637    E15°19.221    Mitlika    
Border Slovenia - Croatia   

N45°23.276    E15°36.814    A1 Karlovac-Plitvice    
Autocamp. HRK 95 for 2 persons and car. Nice place, friendly owner, river to swim in, fire place and great outdoor shower

N44°42.724    E15°44.624    A1 Karlovac-Plitvice
Camping Licka Kapa. HRK 120 for 2 persons and a car (no electricity) Basic campsite, friendly owner and hot shower. In the restaurant you can buy delicious Baklava

N43°28.407    E17°10.714    Imotski
Bushcamp in a field near crater lakes

N42°39.727    E18°04.254    Dubrovik
Autocamp Solitudo. Expensive campsite, but the only one near the city center. Easy public transport connections. 288 HRK for 2 persons and a car. Campsite has wifi, laundry and much more facilities.

N43°50.664    E15°37.239    Pirovac
Camp Z Peter. Basic but great campsite. No power and sweet water must be pumped up by hand. You can camp on sea level only a few meters from the sea. HRK 100 per night for 2 persons and a car

N43°27.187    E17°11.865    Imotski
Crater Lake   

N44°54.370    E15°36.768    Plitvicka
Parking 1. If you park here you will walk the lakes upstream.
N44°11.542    E15°25.527    Posadarje
Camping Posadarje. We did not stay here, but in this small village should be a very basic but great campsite

N45°07.312    E15°35.246    Rastoke  
Village built on a waterfall

N44°07.009    E15°15.913    Zadar
Toyota dealer   

N43°26.563    E17°11.994    Imotski
Kunzum Mall. Free wireless internet inside the mall

N44°06.926    E15°13.715    Zadar
Old town + parking  

N45°46.442    E15°52.673    Zagreb
Camping Plitvice Zagreb. Old place and OK for transit otherwise do not go here. Off season we could shower in a room