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Bosnia and Herzegovina 2011  



  • Period: August 2011
  • Weather:  Warm and sunny

General information:

  • Currency: Bosnian Mark (BAM)

  • Internet: Available

  • ATM's: Everywhere

  • Creditcards: Accepted widely

  • Safety: Nothing special

Prices (August 2011)

  • Value Money: €1 = BAM 1,95

  • Fuel: diesel is BAM 2,34 per liter

  • Camping: around 6 Euro per night for 2 persons


  • For Dutch no visa needed. Passports needs to be valid for at least 3 months


Border crossing

  • Both entry and exit was totally free and quick and easy


Highlights or not

  • Pocitelj: Old 15th century village. Nice to walk around and no entry fee.

  • Kravice Falls: Nice falls where you can also have a swim and shower under the falls. Entry is for free. Parking is €2.
  • Rafting in the Tara Gorge: We only slept in one of the rafting camps (see waypoints). We did not go rafting, but this must be great. All is good organised. Price for a rafting day trip is € 45.



  • In Mostar you can camp on the parking just a short walk from the city center

  • In Mostar and places close to the Croation border you can pay with Croation Kuna, Bosnian Mark or Euro. 



  • all road we drove we good tarmac


Links - Info on Bosnia Herzegovina


Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

Waypoints used during Balkan trip in 2011

N43°20.316    E17°48.546    Mostar   
Parking + camping. On this large parking very close to the center you can also stay for the night. Parking is €5 per day and for camping you must pay an additional €5. There is a toilet, but is closes at night.

N43°22.110    E18°47.800    Foca   
Bastasi Rafting Center, Rafting and Camping. Camping is €3 per person per night. You can also hire a cabin.

N43°09.529    E17°36.440    Kravice   
Kravice Waterfalls, great swimming under the falls

N43°20.908    E18°50.726    BORDER CELICOVO POLJ   

N43°20.756    E18°41.475    Tjentiste
War monument   

N43°08.032    E17°43.848    Pocitelj   
Historic old village   

N43°21.193    E18°49.480    Foca
Tara 87,  another Rafting camp. From all camps this one has the nicest field for camping