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Albania 2011 



  • Period: August 2011
  • Weather:  Warm to hot (very hot in Shkoder 40+). In the mountains temperature was good

General information:

  • Currency: Albanian Lek

  • Internet: Available everywhere

  • ATM's: Available everywhere

  • Creditcards: Accepted

  • Safety: Despite the bad reputation we never felt unsafe. However after dark we would be careful.

Prices (per month and year)

  • Value Money: €1 =140 Lek

  • Fuel: diesel is 165 Lek per liter 

  • Camping: between €5 and € 10 per night for 2 persons


  • For most Europeans no visa needed. Passport should be valid for at least 6 months (ours was only valid for another 3 months and that was no problem).


Border crossing

  • Entry: We entered from Gusinj in Montenegro (offroad). Entry quick and easy and no costs 

  • Exit: We left Albania at Muriqan on the Shkoder - Ulcinj (Montenegro) road. During holiday season it can be very crowded here. It took us 2 hours to cross the border. As we already paid road tax for Montenegro earlier entry was free. 


Highlights or not

  • Offroad from Gusinj (Montenegro) to Vermosh: Great off road piste. Beautiful views.

  • Rozafa Castle: 200 Leki per person. Parking 100 Leki. The castle is OK. The views over Shkoder are great. Best place of the castle is the restaurant. It is Turkish Style and very nice atmosphere.
  • Venetian Mask Factory: THE place to be if you want an original Venetian Mask. Here the masks for the movie Eyes Wide Shut were made. We loved this place and very mask is a piece of art. The Factory is in the white building. It will probably look deserted, but just ring the bell in the right top corner next to the double door.
  • Theth Valley: Challenging off road track to the valley. The valley itself is beautiful and definitely worth visiting. The Theth Valley offers great hiking possibilities.


  • From Gusinj to Hani i Hotit: Rocky off road piste (about 5-6 hours drive). Avarage speed 10-15km per hour. We would prefer a 4x4 here. Locals also drive normal cars here. Just before the end there is a climb with sharp hairpins.

  • Koplik - Theth valley: Koplik to Boge is tarmac. After Boge it is an off road piste all the way to the Theth Valley. The piste is more rocky and full of stones (more than on the Gusinj to Hani i Hotit road. The last 35 KM is off road and takes about 3 to 4 hours driving. Road can be slippery when wet. 


Links - Tourist info Albania



Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm" 

Waypoints used during our Balkan Trip in 2011

N42°29.222    E19°35.066    Route to Hani I Hotit

Bushcamp on the route from Vermosh to Hani I Hotit. We did not stay due to bad weather. A good spot however

N41°55.470    E19°32.447    Shkoder
Camping Albania. Clean comfortable. Run by a Dutch family. Good restaurant and free wireless internet.
€10 per night for 2 persons and a car.
N42°23.750    E19°46.419    Thethi
Camping Prek Parush    € 5 per night for 2 persons and a car. Great place with a local and very friendly family.
They can also offer a meal.

N42°02.843    E19°29.769    Shkoder
Rozafa Castle   

N42°34.773    E19°44.619    Route Gusinj-Vermosh
Junction to Hani I Hotit  

N42°12.676    E19°26.236    Koplik
Junction to Theth   

N42°04.107    E19°31.530    Shkoder
Factory Venetian Masks   

N42°01.022    E19°22.359    Muriqan
Border Albania - Montenegro   

N42°23.310    E19°43.168    Route Boge - Thethi
Highest Point Boge-Theth road   

N42°23.801    E19°38.617    Boge
Start/end off road piste Thethi
N42°35.545    E19°41.259    Vermosh village