Turkey 2014

overland turkey

Route 2014

  • Days: 17 days
  • Period: April.
  • Weather:We had very little rain. Mostly sunny and spring temperatures. In the night mostly cold. Especially on higher altitudes (here trees had no leaves yet). 
  • Roads: Are in very good condition. Even the smaller roads have been transformed into 4-lane tarmac. Only bad road was the road from Kars to the Georgian border. Tarmac but with a lot of holes.

Turkey 2007 & 2008


Route 2007

  • Days: 9 days
  • Period: End of March / beginning of April.
  • Weather: Although the weather along the coast can be great (about 20 degrees) we experienced cold weather and a lot of rain throughout the whole country. In Cappadocia it is still very cold at this time of the year. Frost and snow are normal.
  • Roads: Are in good condition

Route 2008

  • Days: 5 days
  • Period: Beginning of May
  • Weather: Although the weather along the coast can be great (about 23 degrees) we experienced cold weather with some rain and even snow. On the passes west of Erzincan we had snow and throughout the whole of Anatolia the temperature was max. 10 degrees during the day. In Istanbul it was warmer (around 18 degrees) but still quite fresh and also here we had some rain.
  • Roads: In genaral all tarmac roads are in good condition, but some parts where damaged and although repaired still a bit bumpy.

General information:

  • Currency: New Turkish Lira (YTL).

  • Internet: Available at a lot of places, wi-fi in many places

  • ATM's: Maeastro, Cirrus and Visa can be used everywhere. It is even possible to pay with Maestro as petrol stations.

  • Creditcards: Accepted in many places

  • Safety: Nothing special. We experienced Turkey as a safe country.

Prices: (per April 2014)

  • Value Money1€ = 2,89 YT

  • Fuel: 4,25 YTL for 1 liter of diesel (= about  €1,47). 
  • Camping: about 25 YTL per night
  • Ferry to Cannakale:  32 YTL for 2 persons and a car

Visa (data from January 2014) 

  • From 10th of April 2014 you must apply in advance. Website:  https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

  • E-visa validity: 6 months

  • E-visa periode of stay: 90 days
  • Price 20 $

Border crossing

  • ENTRY 2014: At Ipsala on the border with Greece, the crossing was very straight forward without any difficulties. Carnet the passage is not needed here.

  • EXIT 2014 : At Turkgözü going to Georgia. Very straight forward, no costs. Make sure you keep the printed copy of your e-visa that was stamped when you entered the country. You need to show it when you leave. 

  • ENTRY 2008: At Bazargan on the border with Iran. During lunch this border post is closed. It opens again and 1:30 PM Turkish Time. On the border the checked the jerrycans. Bringing extra diesel from Iran is forbidden. Entering Turkey from this side without an insurance is impossible, your insurance registration number is registered in their computer. If you do not have an insurance you must buy one. This is possible on the border 45 YTL for 3 months. To enter Turkey a Carnet the passage is not needed. The car will be registered in the owners passport.

  • EXIT 2008: At Ipsala in the border with Greece. Leaving Turkey on this Border was quick and easy without any costs. When your Carnet is not stamped, you do not have to go to customs. Just drive through and show your passports and car documents when required.

  • ENTRY 2007: Coming from Bulgaria, the crossing was very straight forward without any difficulties. Carnet the passage is not needed here.

  • EXIT 2007 : Going to Syria. Very chaotic border post. No further costs


Highlights or not


We were in Turkey before so we only visited the site we have not been yet, therefore only reviews on this.

  • Troye: Not very special. The horse looks really fake and the ruins and not restored; just stones lying everywhere.

  • Cappadocia: The best place in Turkey. The landscape is beautiful; but go there when the weather is warmer.

  • Underground cities in Cappadocia: worth visiting. Unbelievable how deep below the ground.

  • Catalhöyuk: Unesco site. Not very special, but visit is free and also free camping on the parking.
  • Sultanhani: Beautiful restored caravanserai. Worth a visit. Entry 3 YTL per person (2014)
  • Zeytin Restaurant in Urgup: One of the best places to eat local food and not expensive
  • Nemrut Dagi: Big heads on top of the mountain. Impressive place and very nice views. Last 3km to the top is a steep drive. Costs 2014 = 11 YTL per person.
  • Sanliurfa: Great city and the best place to see the most beautiful dressed Kurdisch women. Bazar is a must. Birth cave of Abraham is not very special although it is great to see how the local worship in this place.
  • Harran: village with the famous beehieve house. We liked it a lot. Great atmosphere.
  • Mardin: Beautiful old centre, nice place but expensive hotels and finding a place to camp is hard as the city is built on a hill
  • Diyarbakir: Centre of Kurdisch culture. We did not like the city very much
  • Akdamar Island (Lake Van): Great trip. Costs 2014 = 10 YTL per person for the boattrip and 5 YTL for entry of the island and visit to the Holy Cross Church
  • Ark of Noah in Nuh'un: Being a Christian and having seen many documentries on this place it was special to be here. Visit is free and you will be one of the few tourist that come here. (place is near Dogubayazit, gps data will follow)
  • Ishak Pasa Serayi Castle in Dogubayazit: One of the nicest castles we have seen. Definitely worth a visit. Costs 2014 = 5 YTL per person.
  • Ani: Old silk route city and once the capital of Armenia. Now it is a ruin but the atmosphere is great. The place is huge and walking around overlooking the Armenian planes is beautiful. Costs 2014 = 8 YTL per person.

Dutch Embassy (data from Jan. 2014)

Hollanda Caddesi No. 5
Turan Günes, Yildiz
06550 Ankara
Phone:    + (90) (0) 312 - 409 1800
Noodgevallen buiten kantooruren: + (90) (0) 532 - 233 5330
Fax:    + (90) (0) 312 - 409 1898
E-mail:    ANK@minbuza.nl

Ambassadeur:  Dhr. Ron Keller

Openingstijden Ambassade: maandag t/m vrijdag 09.00-17.00 uur
Openingstijden consulaire afdeling : maandag t/m vrijdag 08.30 -12.00 uur
telefonische inlichtingen maandag t/m vrijdag 13.30-16.00 uur
vragen kunt u ook per e-mail sturen naar ANK-CONS@minbuza.nl



  • To enter Turkey you must have a valid insurance. For EU insurances, Turkey is included in the Green Card. When you do not have an insurance you must buy one at the border.




1 January - New Year

13 April - Day of the Child (Cocuk Bayrami)

1 May - Day of spring

19 May - Youth and sports day (Genclik Bayrami)

30 August - Day of Victory (Zafar Bayrami)

29 October - Day of the republic

GPS-waypoints 2014

Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

When the term bushcamp is used it is free of charge

TR-ARK - N39°26.580 E44°14.016
Landing area of the ark

TR-CAMP01 - N40°11.461 E26°21.470
Boomerang bar in Enceabat. Basis but convenient overland spot. Friendly owner and you might meet other travellers

TR-CAMP02 - N39°36.912 E28°46.418
Bushcamp on small mountain road of the highway between Dursunbey and Tavsanli

TR-CAMP03 - N37°40.106 E32°49.585
Bushcamp on parking near Catalhoyuk

TR-CAMP04 - N38°38.663 E34°50.034
Camping Dilek in Göreme. Near town but basis and not very clean

TR-CAMP05 - N38°40.092 E34°50.507
Camping at Green Hotel in Cavusin. A very good place for camping in Cappadocia. Free wi-fi

TR-CAMP06 - N37°36.896 E36°48.001
Bushcamp on parking of public park in Kahramanmaras, toilets available

TR-CAMP07 - N37°55.839 E38°46.886
Camping at restaurant and camp in Karadut, on the way to Nemrut Dagi. Try the menemen in the restaurant. Free wi-fi

TR-CAMP08 - N37°09.607 E38°47.247
Bushcamp at a conferention centre in the middle of the town. Just ask they might say yes.

TR-CAMP09 - N36°51.748 E39°02.042
Bushcamp at parking near Evi House in Harran. Toilets left open for us.

TR-CAMP10 - N37°18.830 E40°44.628
Camped on the parking of Konagi Hotel in Mardin, very convenient in the centre of town. Paid for camping and shower. Free wi-fi

TR-CAMP11 - N37°55.306 E40°13.730
Bushcamped on parking in Diyarbakir, not a great spot but convenient and toilets available

TR-CAMP12 - N38°32.379 E43°19.980
Bushcamped at Apet Gas station near Lake Van

TR-CAMP13 - N39°31.190 E44°07.791
Camping Lalezar Dogubayazit

TR-CAMP14 - N40°30.828 E43°34.417
Ani, camped at the parking of the restaurant. Very nice view of the city. Clean toilets

TR-JUNCTIO - N39°28.446 E44°15.536
Junction to road leading to the ark

TR-NEMRUT - N37°58.587 E38°44.246
Nemrut, parking

TR-SULTANA - N38°14.873 E33°32.844
Sultanahani, beautiful caravanserai

TR-SUPER01 - N37°54.559 E40°12.975
Carrefour big supermarket


GPS-waypoints 2007/2008

Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Ayvalik N39.17.884 E026.39.769 Camping Nature camping Safe but no facilities
Cappadocia N38.39.376 E034.52.141 Place of interest Cappadocia Beautiful landscape and view
Cappadocia N38.40.631 E034.51.276 Place of interest Cappadocia Fairy chimneys 
Goreme N38.38.684 E034.50.095 Camping Camping Berlin Nice camping in the middle of Cappadocia
Goreme N38.38.378 E034.50.715 Place of interest Open aire museum Goreme open air museum
Istanbul N41.00.371 E028.58.865 Accomodation Orient Hostel Peferct situated close to the Aya Sofia, car can be parked in front, good food and free internet
Yamurtalik N36.46.926 E035.48.735 Camping Old deserted campsite An old men is still living here and he allowed us to camp here for free. No facilities but great sea view.
Dogubayazit N39.32.713 E044.05.071 Junction   Junction to Lelezar and Murat camping
Dogubayazit N39.13.776 E044.06.498 Camping Lalezar camping good place in beautiful area. Hot shower, restaurants and shelters with power.
Erzincan N39.44.863 E039.29.361 Accomodation Hotel Meta basic but good hotel with nice beds. Hot shower and TV.
Erzincan N39.44.922 E039.29.337 Restaurant Sefa Kofta Best place to try the traditional kofte. Cheap and you will never eat better kofta than here.
Ankara N39.53.837 E032.51.841 Embassy   Embassy Pakistan
Ankara N39.54.882 E032.59.327 Camping   Camping in public park near Ankara. Officially not allowed, but sometime when you ask they let you camp. No costs.
Ipsala N40.56.111 E026.19.583 Border   Border between Turkey and Greece
Kesan N40.51.985 E026.43.804 Various   Fuel station with restaurant and shower
Tekirdag N40.56.822 E027.26.589 Camping Yoyaba hotel Camped on parking  behind Yoyaba hotel. No costs.
Istanbul N41.01.024 E028.55.790 Garages Landrover