Syria 2007



  • Days: 12 days    
  • Period: april
  • Weather: Mostly sunny around 20 degrees, but we had also colder days and even rain. Also in the evening and night it was pretty cold.

General information:

  • Currency: Syrian Pound  

  • Internet: Available in a lot of places

  • ATM's: for Cirrus, Maestro and Visa in Aleppo,Damascus and Hama

  • Creditcards: No experience, we did not use them here

  • Safety: Travelling in Syria is very safe

Prices (per April 2007)

  • Value Money: €1 = 67 SYP

  • Fuel:  7 SYP per liter (about € 0,11). In Aleppo diesel was not available in the City Centre. Outside the centre it was no problem.

  • Camping: prices from 300 to 600 SYP per night for 2 persons and a car

  • Entrence fees: Entrence fees for the whole of Syria are 150 SP per person for larger sights and 75 SP for smaller sights. Most of Palmyra and the water wheels at Hama are free         

Visa & Border crossing

  • We arranged our Visa at the border. In order to get in quickly we paid some bribe money (about 10 Dollar)

  • Visa costs 34 US Dollar per person

  • Visa is valid for 2 week

  • Within 2 weeks it can be extended at any police station

  • Dutch people can arrange their visa at the border as there is not Syrian embassy in Holland. If you have an Syrian embassy in your country you have to arrange it there. It that case at the border a visa might not be issued.

  • When taking your own car into Syria you have to pay road tax which is 9 US Dollar

  • A third party insurance must also be bought (even if you have one yourself you are still obliged to buy one). The price is 36 US Dollar.

  • When your car runs on diesel you have to pay a diesel tax. This is 100 US Dollar per week.

  • If you are not sure how long you will stay you can pay for one week. When you leave the country you can always pay more in case you stayed longer. Or in some cases you might even be lucky just like us. We stayed more then one week and the did not noticed it.

  • When leaving Syria you have to pay 1$ departure tax per person


Highlights or not

  • Aleppo: was a nice city with a great souk and nice citadel

  • Latakia and the rest of the coast: We found Latakia a dirty city and the coastal area was full of industry and building not much nature left.

  • Krak de Chevaliers: Great cruisader castle. The best of them all.

  • Hama: Although you have seen in very quickly the water wheels are nice. Hama also is a pleasant town.

  • Palmyra: The best site in Syria

  • Damascus: The old city is very laidback and there is a great souk

  • Bosra: Small friendly village with a well preserved Roman theatre


  • Syria is an islamic country. On Friday, their holy day, much shops are closed. Best not to visit a souk on this day.

  • If you would like to bring something to give away here, bring hand creme. All the women are asking you about it.


Important addresses


Dutch embassy in Syria:

Abou Roumaneh, Al Jalaa Street, Tello Building

(Bar Diab Building) no. 116, Damascus

tel: 00963-11-3336871 of 3337631

fax: 00963-11-3339363



Syrian consulate in the Netherlands

Laan van Meerdervoort 53 D

2517 AE  Den Haag




Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Aleppo N36.11.961 E037.09.773 Place of interest Citadel Citadel of Aleppo
Aleppo N36.12.719 E037.08.994 Bank   ATM for Cirrus, Maestro and Visa
Aleppo N36.08.380 E036.52.575 Camping Kadour Campsite close to Aleppo, in a small village just off the road to Turkey
Krak de Chevaliers N34.45.279 E036.17.693 Camping Restaurant Le Table Ronde Campsite next to the restaurant and to the castle
Hama N35.07.845 E036.45.414 Hotel Riad Hotel Clean hotel in the centre. Fast internet close and ATM for visa in front
Palmyra N34.32.766 E038.16.483 Camping Al Baider Directly next to the Bel Temple. Campsite also has a swimming pool.
Damascus N33.32.800 E036.20.867 Camping New Kaboun Campsite just outside Damascus on the way to Homs. Good facilities.
Aleppo N36.07.783 E036.52.802 Junction Road to camping Kadour Take this turn and follow the small road or track to reach camping Kadour. 
Aleppo N36.12.323 E037.09.110 Center   This street is in the middle of the area where most of the cheap hotels are located. In front in a good restaurant.
Krak de Chevaliers N34.45.800 E036.17.809 Place of interest Krak de Chevaliers Very impressive cruisader castle
Hama N35.08.039 E036.46.005 Place of interest Water wheels Behind the restaurant are the 4 norias (the four big wooden water wheels)
Palmyra N34.33.254 E038.15.941 Place of interest Greek ruins Beautiful place with nicely restored ruins
Qalat Salahiddin N35.35.743 E036.03.503 Place of interest Castle Castle ruins on top of a hill