Nepal 2008



  • Days: 12
  • Period: March 2008 - April 2008
  • Weather: Chitwan NP and Kathmandu dry and warm around 25 degrees, at night nice and cool. Pokhara nice temperature but wet, in the morning it was dry and clear but every afternoon we had rain. In the afternoon the mountains were hidden by clouds. Terai area, dry and warm (between 25-30 degrees)

General information:

  • Currency:  Nepalese Roepie (NPR)

  • Internet:  Widely available (price between 30 and 60 roepies for one hour)

  • ATM's: Not all over the country but in most major places there are ATMs for Visa.

  • Creditcards: Accepted in some places, like trave agencies and the more expensive shops, restaurants and hotels.

  • Safety: Safety in Nepal OK although the situation is fragile. At the moment the Maoist rebels have turned to less violent actions, but tension is sensible. We were confronted with many strikes and roadblocks organised by the Maoist. Luckily as a tourist you are allowed to get through most of the time. Most Maoist are friendly and are not threat to tourist, however some have another attitude. At one roadblock they would not speak to us and did not allow us to drive for a few hours. Despite everything we have no experience or heard of any real violance against tourist.

Prices (per April 2008)

  • Value Money: €1 = 102 Roepies

  • Fuel: Diesel costs around 55 Roepies per liter. At the time we were there getting fuel was a problem. Due to shortage many stations were empty and  if they had some we could only buy a restricted amount. Around Kathmandu the problem was the worst.

  • Camping: In Nepal are not many campsites. However many hotels allow camping on the parking and for some roepies you can use their toilet and shower. Due to cold temperatures at night you might not even want to camp at the higher places.


  • Visa is needed for most nationalities. For Dutch a visa is available on the border. A single entry visa for two months costs 30 USD per person. Must be paid in Dollars and you also need one photo.  

  • For entering with a car a Carnet de Passage is neccesary. No further costs.

Border crossing

  • ENTRY: We entered the Nepal at Sonauli (border with India). This border post is open till 10pm. Although we had no visa the immigration where we received the visa and the customs who had to sign the Carnet where friendly and quick.

  • EXIT: We left Nepal at Mahendranagar (border with India). Carnet and passport was stamped quickly and without cost.

Highlights or not

  • Chitwan NP: Famous NP in Nepal with tiger, bears, one horned rhinos etc. If you ever been in Africa do not expect too much animals. It is also good to know that in spring time they burn large areas which causes animals to move to other parts. To visit  this park you have varies option. On Elephant back, with a jeep, or walking. A half day walking is 3 hours a full day 9 hours. Especially the full day walk is a tough walk with little rest. On the river you can also a canoe trip. This we liked very much and you have a big chance of spotting the endagered Gharial crocodile. Permit to the park is 500 NPR per person per day. Canoe trip for one hour is: 350 NPR per person, Full day jungle walk is 750 NPR per person.

  • Sauraha Elephant bath: 250 NPR per person. Although very touristic we liked it. First the elephants gives you a shower while you are on his back and then you can wash him.

  • Sauraha Elephant breeding center: 300 NPR per person for bike hire and entry to the center. With a hired biked we cycled to the center and watched the baby elephants. It is however a bit sad to see the adults tight to a chain.

  • Kathmandu, Thamel area: This area is a tourist heaven with many shops, hotels and good restaurants.

  • Kathmandu, Durbar square: Great place.

  • Pokhara: Nice village in the mountains. From here you can organise many trips to the Himalayas. Pokhara has good restaurants and also many shops with hiking gear.

  • Sarankot: We liked walking up the mountain to view the Himalayas from the top.


  • In Kathmandu in Thamel, they can make t-shirts with any design you want. They made a really nice one with our log here.

  • In Kathmandu and in Pokhara there are many trekking stores. They sell clothing, shoes, back packs etc. and the prices are really cheap.

  • If you want to make a flight over the Himalayas you better organise this from Kathmandu. All flights leave from here. From Pokhara you can only go by Delta which can take only one person and is very expensive.

  • In Pokhara you can organise many activities. The biggest attraction is a two-week hike around the Annupura.


Roads (March 2008)

  • The Mahendra Highway is a good road. Sometimes some potholes, but in general it is OK.

  • The road from Hetauda to Kathmandu, is a small road through the mountains. The views are nice and the road OK, but it will cost you about 3 hours. If you do take this road and the sky is clear do not forget to stop in Daman. We haven't seen it because it was misty but from here you should have the best view of the Himalaya including the Everest.

  • From Pokhara to Butwal we drove around passing Mugling. This road was ok but there are a lot of trucks and the part that leads through the mountains is badly damaged with a lot of potholes.

  • From Butwal to Mahendranagar. This road runs through the Terai, and is very good. We really liked driving this road and that is not only for the good conditions. We also liked the landscape and the surroundings. If you want to cross the Terai you should check the security situation. This area is Maoist area and sometimes there might be trouble here.



Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Narayangadh N27.41.735 E084.25.312 Banks Himalaya bank Visa ATM
Belahiya N27.28.742 E083.28.046 Camping Hotel Mansarover Camped on the parking behind the hotel. Cold shower and toilet. Price 250 NPR per night per car
Sauraha N27.34.653 N084.29.846 Camping Bulbuls nest Camped on the parking of the hotel on a nice piece of grass. Hot shower and toilet in a room. 200 NPR per night per car
Kathmandu N27.42.609 N085.18.405 Accomodation Ganesh Himal Nice hotel between Thamel and Durban square. Good privat parking but your car should not be higher than app. 2,4mt. Airco, tv, hot shower, internet, restaurant and parking. If you are lucky you can pick up an unprotected wireless network. 867 NPR per double room per night.
Pokhara N28.12.414 N083.57.684 Accomodation Hotel Eden Nice clean place. Airco, tv, hot shower, parking. 400 NPR per double room per night.
Nepalganj N28.03.129 E081.36.900 Accomodation Hotel Aroma All bedding in our room was brand new. If there are no VIP guest, you may even camp here. Airco, tv, hot shower and parking. 600 NPR per double room per night.
Pokhara N28.12.874 E083.57.438 Camping Public campsite Free camping on the lake, but no fascilities
Sauraha N27.34.141 E084.29.480 Place of interest Chitwan NP National park with bears, one horned rhinos, tigers etc.
Banbasa N28.59.579 E080.07.364 Officials   Immigration office Nepal side
Banbasa N28.59.715 E080.06.817 Officials   Immigration office India side
Mugling N27.51.343 E084.33.605 Junction   Junction road to Narayangadh
Pokhara N28.14.258 E083.59.000 Junction   Junction outside Pokhara, road to Sarankot
Sauraha N27.37.369 E084.30.746 Junction   Junction to Sauraha and Chitwan NP
Kathmandu N27.42.997 E085.19.004 City Center    
Kathmandu N27.39.735 E085.19.664 Garages Janashakti workshop Good workshop, very quick service. They do not only service Landrovers
Sarankot N28.14.575 E083.57.440 Place of interest   Viewpoint Himalayas
Kathmandu N27.40.483 E085.18.885 Shops Saleways supermarket Good supermarket with western products.At the back they also have a good bakery and fresh fruits and vegetables