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Swaziland 2015

swaziland overland

Route 2015

  • Days:  4 days
  • Period: End of february 
  • Weather: We had nice warm, dry and sunny days. However just before we arrived it had rained quite a lot. 
  • Roads: All roads we drove were sealed and in good condition 

Swaziland 2007


General information (per January 2015):

  • Currency: Lilangeni (SZL). local currency is fixed to the South African Rand, which is accepted everywhere. Make sure you spend all your local money when leaving the country as the Lilangeni is only accepted in Swaziland. We only used South African Rands when we were here.

  • Internet: More and more available. We found it at restaurants in the mall.  

  • ATM's: In many places. Your best bet is in the shopping malls. 

  • Creditcards: Widely used and accepted.

  • Safety: We did not experienced anything bad, but we took our precautions. Although not as bad as South Africa also Swaziland has a high crime rate, so just be careful. We always stayed in safe places, looked for secure parking for our car and never went into the cities after dark.  

Prices (per January 2015)

  • Value Money: €1 = 13 Rand or 13 Lilangeni

  • Fuel:  Around 11 Rand per liter diesel. Price similar to South African prices.

  • Camping: In 2015 we only camped in Mlilwane NP. Which is a great campsite in side the game reserve. 


  • For most nationalities a visa is not needed. You just get an immigration stamp on the border, free of cost

Border crossing

  • ENTRY 2015: We've entered at Mahamba (border with South Africa)

  • EXIT 2015: We left at Oshoek (border with South Africa)

  • Both border crossing were easy. They did had to show our Carnet with SA stamps
  • Costs: we had to pay Roadtax of 50 Rand

Highlights or not

  • Mlilwane NP: Nice small game reserve with a wonderful campsite where zebra, impala and other animals will be walking around your car. As there are no dangerous predators living in the National Park you can go on a game walk here. This is really nice. If there are enough guests the restaurants organizes traditional dance in the evening.  

  • Ezulwini craft market: Huge craft market with lots of souvenirs and often cheaper than in other places. 

GPS-waypoints 2015

Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

Download page for list of waypoints in Excel or Garmin format

SW-CAMP011 - S26°29.551 E31°11.107
Ezulwini Valley, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary NP. Campsite inside the National Park. Great campsite with nice ablution. Zebra, impala and other game often visit the campsite. Campsite has a very nice restaurant and as there are no big predators you can go on a nice hike and walk between the animals. Price for camping 190 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car.

SW-CRAFT1 - S26°24.971 E31°10.668
Ezulwini valley. Big craft market (new location)

SW-SA - S26°12.771 E30°59.426
Ngwenya Oshoek Border. Border between Swaziland and South Africa.