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Rwanda 2007



  • Days: 10 
  • Period: August 2007
  • Weather: Warm and mainly dry. In Kigali about 25 degrees, but in the mountains a bit colder. We had a lot of sun.

General information:

  • Currency: Rwandan Franc (RF)

  • Internet: Available in bigger cities

  • ATM's: No ATM for Visa or other Cards. You can only get money with you Visa card inside at the Bank of Kigali in Kigali. For this sevice the charge a lot of money. RF 7020 at the time we were there.

  • Creditcards: Accepted in some places. Mastercard is more accepted than Visa.

  • Safety: Rwanda is very safe.

Prices (per August 2007)

  • Value Money: €1 = 744 RF

  • Fuel:  Between 600 - 620 RF/ 1 liter diesel

  • Camping: There are almost no camping possibilities in Rwanda. At some hotels you can camp on the parking for about 5000-6000 RF per night for two persons. If you promise to have diner in the hotel, they sometimes allow you to camp for free. In some hotels you can use a room for shower and toilet, but sometimes you can only use the toilet of the restaurant.

  • Memorials: Visiting the memorials is for free. A free gift however is appreciated.

  • Gorilla tracking: 500 US$ per person including entry fees for NP


  • Some nationalities, like the Dutch, have to pay 60 US$ per person. For many, like the UK and VS, the visa is for free.

  • Our visa was single entry and valid for two weeks. Perhaps when you get it at an embassy this period will be longer.

  • Only if you fill in a special form on the internet and take the printed confirmation with you you can get you visa at the border. In other cases you must have to get in in advance.

Border crossing

  • ENTRY: We entered at Katuna on the border with Uganda. Passport and Carnet are quickly stamped. No further costs. When entering the country we were asked to show the stamp in our Carnet.

  • EXIT: At Rusumo on the Tanzania border. Quick and easy. They do however want the receipt of the payment of your visa. You have to keep this form!

Highlights or not

  • Gisozi: Genocide memorial in Kigali. Very impressive to visit and it will help you to understand what happened.

  • Murambi memorial: Former school where 50.000 people were killed. It is weird to see all the skull and bodies.

  • Gorilla tracking: Great experience.

  • Lake Kivu: If the weather is nice, this is a great place to relax and swim. No Bilharzia in the lake.


  • Katuma (border Uganda) - Kigali: one hours. Tarmac with sometimes a few holes.

  • Kigali - Butare: 124 KM good tarmac.

  • Butare - Gikongoro: 30 km good tarmac. Last few kilometers to the memorial is a good piste.

  • Kigali - Ruhengeru: good tarmac

  • Ruhengeru - Kinigi: good tarmac

  • Ruhengeru - Gisenyi: tarmac, with some holes

  • Gisenyi - Kibuye (only 4x4): 90 km (4,5 hours) piste which in some parts can be very rough and can be slippery when wet.

  • Kibuye - Kigali: 125 km good tarmac

  • Kigali - Rusumo: good tarmac


  • We were very lucky to obtain the permit for the gorilla tracking within a few days. At the moment it is full for two months, so it is better to book in advance.

  • If you want to go to the gorilla tracking. You have to organise your own transport from the headquarters to where you start walking.

  • AT ORTPN you can pay for your gorilla tracking with Dollars, Euros, Pounds, but also with Mastercard (No Visa)

  • If you want to visit some of the churches that are now a memorial, do not plan this on a Sunday.

  • Getting you visa for Tanzania in Kigali is easy. Issued within 24 hours. Costs 50 US$ per person and two photo's needed. Opening hours between 9 am - 3.30 pm.

  • On you way to Tanzania, you'd better fill up your tanks here as diesel is much more expensive in Tanzania.

Important addresses


Nederlandse ambassade in Rwanda
Adres:  Royal Netherlands Embassy
Boulevard de l’ Umuganda
Kacyiru - Kigali, Rwanda
Postadres:  P.O. Box 6613
Kacyiru - Kigali, Rwanda
Telefoon:   00-250-510603/4 of
Fax:  00-250-584503
maandag t/m donderdag  08.00–12.30 en 13.15-17.30 uur
vrijdag  08.00–13.00


ORTPN (Office Rwandaise du Tourisme et des Parcs Nationaux)

PO Box 905

Kigali, Rwanda

Tel : +250 57 65 14

Fax : +250 57 65 15

Mail :

Web :




Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Kigali S01.56.896 E030.03.590 Banks Bank of Kigali No ATM with Visa you can get money inside. 
Kibuye S02.04.256 E029.21.168 Shops   Good bakery
Kibuye S02.03.575 E029.20.234 Accomodation Bethanie Guest House No camping, cheap rooms
Kigali S01.56.471 E030.03.661 Camping Okapi Hotel Camping on the parking, use of shower and toilet from staff
Butare S02.36.129 E029.44.502 Camping Ibis Hotel Free camping on parking. No shower, only toilet of restaurant
Kinigi S01.25.957 E029.35.908 Camping Kinigi Guest House Close to the headquarters of the gorilla tracking. For showers and toilets you can use a room. Restaurant has very good meals.
Kibuye S02.03.564 E029.19.931 Camping Noriah Hill Resort We camped on the parking, but the resort is building a nice campsite!
Kigali S01.56.585 E030.03.520 Shops   Shop for computers
Kigali S01.56.951 E030.06.201 Embassy Tanzania Embassy of Tanzania, open from 9 am till 3 pm. Visa issued within 24 hours
Ruhengeru S01.29.908 E029.37.605 Fuel Sopeya  
To Tanzanian border S02.08.229 E030.33.449 Fuel Kobil On of the last stations before the border of Tanzania
Kibuye S02.03.101 E029.24.814 Junction   End of piste Gisenyi - Kibuye
Gisenyi S01.41.949 E029.19.068 Junction   Start piste Gisenyi - Kibuye
Kigali S01.55.854 E030.03.626 Place of interest Genocide memorial Memorial in Kigali
Butare S02.27.350 E029.34.072 Place of interest Murambi memorial Old school close to Butare
Butare S02.36.041 E029.44.591 Place of interest National museum  
Kinigi S01.25.943 E029.35.669 Place of interest ORTPN Headquarters, Tracking starts here
Rusumo S02.22.941 E030.46.994 Border   Border Rwanda - Tanzania
Kigali S01.56.791 E030.03.652 Place of interest ORTPN Headquarters in Kigali