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Namibia 2015


  • Days: 12 days
  • Period: May 2015
  • Weather: Dry, no rain at all. Temperature during the day 25 - 30 degrees. In the night and evening it was quite cold, especially in the south (one night it was only a few degrees above zero).

Namibia 2007


2007 - Route 1 and 2 

  • Days: 44  
  • Period: November - December 2007
  • Weather: The temperature varies a lot. In the North is was very hot also during the night. At the coast is was really fresh (during the day even below 20 degrees. In In Most other places it was warm during the day (often over 35 degrees) but cool in the night (ocasionally we used an extra blanket). Although it was officially rainy seasons we only had one or two showers (one in the North and one in Etosha)

Namibia 2005



  • Days: 3 weeks
  • Kilometers: about 4600 km
  • Period: August 2005
  • Weather: Dry, no rain at all. Temperature during the day is nice (20-25 degrees), in the night and evening cold, especially in the south (only a few degrees we even had frost for one night).

General information:

  • Currency: Namibian Dollar (N$)

  • Internet: Available everywhere

  • ATM's: Different banks in almost any town

  • Creditcards: Accepted throughout the country

  • Safety: There are many places in Namibia that are not very safe anymore. Crime is more common than a few years ago. In Windhoek on the parking of a very luxurious mall they broke into our car and stole some small stuff (even with car guards around). We have the idea that some of the guards are helping the thiefs so watch out where you park your car. In Windhoek you should not only be careful with your car, you also have to watch out for getting robbed yourself (even during daylight). We saw it happen once and they also tried it with us. They wanted us to look under car because as they told us there was something wrong and if you do they try to steal from you. We noticed that is was not OK so nothing happened, but it seems to happen quite a lot. Other areas where you should be careful are the coastal areas. Luderitz should not be that safe and all the Mile campsites above Swakopmund like Mile 14, Mile 72, Mile 108 are very unsafe. We heard many stories about people gunpointed and then robbed here. A good tip for parking is: park as close to the shops as possible, find a car guard, ask his ID (so you know he is an official guard), take his ID with you and promis him a good reward when you car is still undamaged when you return. This really works. 

Prices (per December 2015)

  • Value Money: €1 = 12,8 NAD

  • Fuel:  Around 10 NAD per liter diesel

  • Camping: Camping in Namibia is not very cheap. The prices a varies between 200 and 300 NAD per night for two persons and a car. In the National parks camping is very expensive (Between 300 and 500 NAD per night for two persons and a car.

  • Overall Namibia is definitely not cheap.


  • For Dutch citizens a visa is not needed. On entry you get a stamp in your passport which is valid for a maximum of 90 days. This is for free.

Border crossing

  • ENTRY 2015: we entered at Trans Kalahari border post on the border with Botswana.  Procedure was quick and easy. The only costs we had to pay was a road fund which cost us N$ 220. This road permit is valid for 90 days as well but only is for a single entry. When you exit the country en re-enter again, even within these 90 days, you have to buy a new permit. Permit can be paid in ZAR or NAM (only cash)

  • EXIT 2015: We left Namibia at Sendelingsdrift on the border with South Africa. Procedure was quick and easy. When we left they also asked us for the road permit. To leave the country you must cross the Orange River by car ferry (price is 160 NAM for one car with two persons.

  • ENTRY 2007: we entered at Mohemba on the border with Botswana (North).  Procedure was quick and easy. The only costs we had to pay was a road permit which cost us N$ 160. This road permit is valid for 90 days as well but only is for a single entry. When you exit the country en re-enter again, even within these 90 days, you have to buy a new permit. During police checks they only asked for this permit once.

  • EXIT 2007: We left Namibia at Buitepos on the border with Botswana. This is on the Trans Kalahari Highway. Procedure was quick and easy. When we left they also asked us for the road permit. 

Highlights or not (prices were valid in the year mentioned)

  • Fish River Canyon 2007: N$ 80 per person per day and N$ 10 per car per day. Camping is N$ 100 per person per night and N$ 100 per night for the campsite. Nice but is a bit similar to the Canyons in the US

  • Duwisib Castle: Small old castle. Compared to many other treasures in Namibia not very special place but still a nice on stop on the way.
  • Kolmanskop 2007: N$ 40 per person. Old mining village; was interested

  • Luderitz: Small town not some nice buildings. Watch out for your stuff here. 

  • Sossusvlei 2007: Entry is N$ 80 per person per day and N$ 10 per car per day. Camping is N$ 150 per person per day and N$ per campsite per day. Very nice. To get here take the route through the Namib from Aus to Sossusvlei is very beautiful (D707).

  • Cape Cross 2007: Entry is N$ 40 per person per day and N$ 10 per car per day. A very large colony of seals here. You can get very close.

  • Epupa Falls: One of the nicest places we visited on our journey, and it is for free.

  • Etosha NP 2015: Entry is N$ 80 per person per day and N$ 10 per car per day. Camping is N$ 100 per person per night and N$ 262 for the campsite per day. Great park with lots of animals. Okaukeujo has the best waterhole and a great camp; this was the best. In Halali we saw many elephants and lions; camp was good and not very crowded. Namutoni; we did not liked this camp very much; small waterhole and not much animals.

  • Waterberg Plateau: Good campsite with pool. Nice area where you can do a lot of walking.

  • Boattrip to see seals and dolphins 2007: N$ 430 per person for the long trip of 4 hours. In Walvisbaai you can do a trip to see seals and dolphins. Some seals are tame and jump onto the boat. It is touristic and not cheap but we really liked it. In the seasons you might even spot whales, leatherback turtles, orka's or mola mola's. We booked the trip with Mola Mola Tours, close to the harbour.
  • Quad riding 2007: 250N$ per person for one hour. We did this in the dunes of Swakopmund. Great experience.
  • Horse back riding 2007: A few km's  outside Outjo, there is a ranch where you can go horse riding. This farm has excellent horses and the owner a former army instructor trains the horses himself. There is also a very small but nice camping area.
  • Nakambale Museum 2007: 100N$ for two persons for camping including entrance fee. It is some kilometers out of Ondangwa and is not very special, but as they also run a campsite it is a good place to check out and the traditional kraal is nice to see. An alternative for camping is the campsite in town which we did not like at all.
  • Ombalantu Baobab 2007: Entry 15N$ pp. This is a very big baobab with a real church inside. Around this Baobab there is a very nice campsite. A good place to stay.
  • Spitzkoppe 2007: For camping you pay 45 N$ pp and 10N$ for the car (entry fee is included). This is a very nice area to camp and walk. You can also do rock climbing here (you must bring your own gear).
  • Kaokoland: This is the rough 4x4 part of Namibia. The roads are tough; sometimes you must drive over very big stones. A part of this area is the famous van Zijl's Pass. This is a very steep pass. As we heard from most travellers there is only a very small section which is tricky (so steep that you cannot see the road), but the rest should be OK. As is was raining when we were there we took another road. We went to Entenga and then we took the more southern track to Orupembe. Here there is also a pass but much easier and less steep. Although the road is longer and some tracks perhaps worse that the ones leading to and from the Van Zijl's Pass. When going into Kaokoland it is worth to drive through the Marienfluss all the way up to the Angolan border. There is a nice campsite here. From Orupembe down to Puros you can choose between two routes. One is a very corrugated gravel route. The other is a very beautiful route through two dry river beds. This was one of the nicest routes of our whole trip but it is a bit risky. You should be warned for aggressive elephants (although we saw them and they were not aggressive, we kept a safe distance however, and flash floods. This last thing is a very real risk. When we did the track they sky was blue and not a drop of rain fell and still a few hours after we passed it the river flooded.
  • Feral horses: About 20 from Aus on the way to Luderitz you can find feral horses. There is a view point that looks out on an artificial watersource. This is a very nice spot to visit. It is magic to see these beautiful animals in the wild. Visiting the horses if for free.


Below you will find links to sites, that we used during our preparations.

  • - Here we rented our car. They have a very well maintained car park and good services (free pick up from the airport)
  • - Very extended travelstory with lots of information (only in Dutch) 
  • - Tourist initiatives by local people. They maintain some great campsites
  • - Official site from Namibian Wildlife Resorts. Here you can book accomadation for any of the National Parks. For some parks (Okaukeujo (Etosha) or Sossusvlei) you have to book early, especially during high season.
  • - Contains lots of information about trips, accomodation etc.
  • - for organised individual travelling (including car rental)


  • In high season some campings might be fully booked, especially Sesriem and Okaukeujo in Etosha. Pre-booking in advised.

  • NWR campsite may be used with max. 4 to 8 people and two cars. So, as the sites are expensive sharing can be a good idea.

  • When camping at Sesriem you have to pay entrance fee for every night you stay there, as the campsite officially is part of the reserve. Therefore it is much cheaper to stay only one night on this very expensive campsite. Then you only have to pay entrance fee for one day which is 24 hours. So you can enter the day you arrive to see the sunset and the next morning to see the sunrise.

  • Entrance fee in Etosha is for 24 hours. Keep this in mind when you enter the park. Entering after noon therefore can be worth considering. In that case you have another morning of game driving on the day you have to get out.

  • About 35 Km out of Outjo on the way to Otavi you will find the Gamkarab Farm. Here you can camp on the farm and this is really a very nice experience. You will be treated as personal guests instead of tourists and you will experience life on the farm. Charles the owner also has some nice activities to do. He is a trained hunter and if you want you can shoot with his arms, you can ride his excellent horses or climb a cave down to a subterrain lake.

  • In Swakopmund is a good biltong shop where you can buy for much lower prices than in the supermarkets elswhere.


  • Most of the road are good gravel roads. Only between the major cities there is tarmac. The gravel roads in Namibia are well maintained and in pretty good condition. On most of them you can easily drive 80 km an hour. Some roads however have bad corrugation. Although most roads are gravel roads they are suitable for all vehicles. Even the roads from Opuwo to Epupa, from Ruacana along the river to Swarbooisdrift and from Sesfontein to Puros can be driven without a 4x4. However the track between Swartbooisdrift and Epupa and all the tracks in Kaokoland are only accessible with a 4x4. Between the Springbokwassergate of the Skeleton Coast NP and Swakopmund lies a salt road. This is a very flat and good road accessible for all vehicles.




Nederlandse ambassade in Namibie
2 Crohnstreet
P.O. Box 564
Tel. 00-264-61-223733/ 0014
Fax 00-264-61-223732




New year 1 January
Good Friday, Easter and Ascension Day March / April
Independance Day 21 March
Labour Day 1 May
Cassinga Day 4 May
Africa Day 25 May
Heroes Day 26 August
Human rights Day 10 December
Christmis 25 December
Family Day 26 December


GPS-waypoints 2015

Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

Download page for list of waypoints in Excel or Garmin format

NA-CAMP01 - S22°26.159 E17°06.010
Windhoek, Elisenheim. Good spot outside Windhoek. Ablution is good, each place has a shelter and free Wi-Fi at the bar. Run by Germans and they also offer long term parking for private vehicles. 220 NAD per night for 2 persons and a car incl. Power

NA-CAMP02 - S19°33.477 E15°52.593
On the way to Etosha, Toshari lodge. Small lodge with a few beautiful campsite. Each site has it's own private outdoor showers and outdoor kitchen. 200 NAD per night for 2 persons and a car.

NA-CAMP03 - S19°10.935 E15°55.056
Etosha, Okaukeujo camp. Has the best waterhole in Etosha. We shared a spot with South African guest as the campsite was fully booked even outside holiday season. So if you want to stay here you must book in advance. 462 NAD per night for 2 persons and a car incl. electricity.

NA-CAMP04 - S21°36.478 E15°59.459
Onduruquea Guestfarm. Nice farm with a few beaufitul campsite. The lodge also has a nice swimming pool. Good ablution. 220 NAD per night for 2 persons and a car.

NA-CAMP05 - S22°40.922 E14°31.510
Swakopmund, Youth Hostel. Camping on the grouds of the local youth hostel. Dirty but very cheap and in the city centre. Also trucks can stay here. Toilets so dirty we hardly used them. 40 NAD per night for 2 persons and a car.

NA-CAMP06 - S24°08.615 E15°57.649
Near Solitaire, Agama River Camp. Place has 7 big sites in a beautiful scenery. The ablution is wonderful and there is a good swimming pool. 260 NAD per night for 2 persons and a car.

NA-CAMP07 - S25°15.439 E16°32.394
Duwisib, Duwisib Guestfarm has about 8 campsites very near to Duwisib castle. You can walk to the castle and the ablution is spotless. 200 NAD per night for 2 persons and a car.

NA-CAMP08 - S26°39.350 E16°14.051
Aus, Klein Aus Vista. Nice lodge with free Wi-Fi in the lobby. The campsite has about 12 spots situated in a beautiful scenery with some nice walking trails. Good Ablution. 200 NAD per night for 2 persons in a car.

NA-ETOSHA - S19°19.867 E15°56.407
Etosha, Anderson Gate

NA-FISH - S22°40.710 E14°31.615
Walvisbaai, The Fish daily. Good fish here in this restaurant.

NA-HORSES - S26°35.619 E16°04.554
Garub, Wild horses

NA-SA - S28°07.361 E16°53.335
Grens Namibia - South Africa, border Sendelingsdrift

GPS-waypoints 2007

 Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Windhoek S22.35.336 E017.05.160 Shops 4x4 shop  
Windhoek S22.29.235 E017.27.816 Transport  International Airport  
Windhoek S22.35.373 E017.04.834 Shops Asco Car hire  
Windhoek S22.36.769 E017.04.331 Accomodation Seventh Heaven Guesthouse B&B with swimming pool
Swakopmund S22.40.713 E014.31.552 Shops Bakery  
Outjo S20.06.389 E016.09.057 Shops Bakery  
Rundu S17.54.867 E019.46.179 Banks Standard bank Visa ATM
Outapi S17.30.701 E014.59.289 Camping Ombalantu Baoboab Very big baobab. You can also camp here. Entree is NAD 15 pp
Sesfontein S19.07.234 E013.37.117 Camping Fort Sesfontein This place also has a workshop where they can help you with your landrover. Place has swimming pool, restaurant, workshop, toilet and hot showers
Popa Falls S18.07.005 E021.40.179 Camping Ngepi camp The toilets and showers are great. There is hot water, bar and you can do cage swimming with crocs
Rundu S17.52.229 E019.54.398 Camping Nkwazi lodge Nice place. The owner support some education project in the village you can visit. Their technician is a Landrover specialist. Place has a restaurant, swimming pool and hot showers.
Grootfontein S19.31.419 E018.08.383 Camping Die kraal The restaurant is specialised in game steaks. Place has hot showers.
Ondangwa S17.59.021 E016.01.355 Camping Nakambale  This place is a campsite and museum. There is not hot water here.
Swartbooisdrift S17.21.289 E013.52.927 Camping Kunene River Lodge Owner let us used their internet for free. Place has hot showers, toilet, tap, swimming pool, restaurant and you can do rafting here.
Opuwo S18.03.262 E013.49.960 Camping Kunene Village Restcamp There is hot water here.
Epupa S17.00.142 E013.14.671 Camping Epupa Falls Public CS Right on the falls and one of the best places in Namibia. Himba people just outside the gate. Place has hot showers.
Entenga S17.52.239 E012.49.592 Camping Bush camp between Entenga and Orupembe  
Puros S18.43.965 E012.56.512 Camping Puros public campsite nr5 Nice place, sometimes visited by desert elephants. Every spot has its own sink and there are hot showers.
Palmwag S19.53.171 E13.56.242 Camping Palmwag lodge Watch the house elephant coming to the bar sometimes. If you want to shower with a nice view try the shower that belongs to camp 6. Place has a good restaurant, swimming pool and hot showers.
Swakopmund S22. 40.879 E14.31.430 Accomodation Dunes Backpackers Simple place but OK. Good alternative when it is too cold for camping. Place has an indoor swimming pool, nice bar and internet.
Walvisbaai S22.58.847 E014.29.185 Camping Lagoon Chalets Not very special, but very clean. Because of the fresh strong wind we took a room and that was really clean. Campsites have hot water and electricity.
Spitzkoppe S21.50.065 E015.09.941 Camping Community CS The surroundings are really beautiful. You camp between nice rock formations. Camping here is like a bush camp.There are no facilities.
Windhoek S22.36.378 E017.05.072 Camping Arebbusch Lodge Only campsite in the city. Not cheap  but a good place to stay for a while. Place has hot showers, electricity, tap, swimming pool, laundry, wireless internet and restaurant.
Keetmanshoop S26.28.904 E018.14.506 Camping Quivertree Forest Nice place inside the quivertree forest. Entrance fee for the forest and nearby Giants Playground is included. Place has  hot water and electricity.
Fish River Canyon S27.37.142 E017.42.903 Camping Hobas Campsite Good campsite close to the main viewpoint of the Fish River Canyon. Place has a swimming pool, hot water and electricity. Watch out for the baboons in the morning.
Aus S26.39.323 E016.14.034 Camping Klein Aus Vista Very nice campsite not far from the feral horses. On the land of the lodge there are also some nice hiking trails. Place has hot water, a restaurant and internet.
Sesriem S24.29.038 E015.47.971 Camping Sesriem campsite Very expensive campsite. Besides when staying on this campsite you also have to pay entrance fee for sossusvlei as the camp lies within the reserve. However when you want to be in the dunes by sunrise you do not have many options. Place has hot water. 
Swakopmund S22.41.188 E014.31.584 Camping Der Alte Brucke Not cheap but it had the best facilities of the whole trip. You have your own building with private hot shower, toilet, braai and sink. There is also power.
Henties Bay S22.06.714 E014.16.890 Camping Buck's Camp Although very nice facilities the place is a bit depressing. However it is the best option on the coast as many of the other site are unsafe. Every place has its own building with hot shower, toilet, sink and electricity.
Outjo S19.58.824 E016.24.520 Camping Gamkarab Farm Here you are welcomed as friends instead of tourists and it is a great place to experience farm life. Besided the owner offers many nice acitivities like shooting with real guns, cave climbing to a subterrain lake and horse riding. Hot water in the evening and free firewood.
Etosha NP S19.10.975 E015.55.042 Camping Okaukeujo Camp This camp has as far as we are concerned the nicest waterhole. The waterhole is often visited by giraffes and black rhino. Place has hot water and electricity.
Etosha NP S19.02.204 E016.28.206 Camping Halali Camp The waterhole near this camp is often visited by a large herd of elephants. Place has hot water and electricity
Cape Cross S21.45.580 E013.58.076 Place of interest Cape Cross Seal Reserve Huge colony of Cape Fur Seals. You can get very close to them.
Windhoek S22.33.653 E017.04.883 Shops Carwash Good and cheap carwash
Sossusvlei S24.44.809 E015.17.268 Place of interest Dead Vlei Parking and picknick spot
Luderitz S26.38.125 E015.05.294 Place of interest Diaz Point Very windy sport with a lookout over the sea. Nice drive to get here.
Sossusvlei S24.43.412 E015.28.258 Place of interest Dune 45 Parking for Dune 45
Etosha NP S19.19.870 E015.56.412 Place of interest Anderson Gate  
Ondangwa S17.53.912 E015.57.994 Restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Fish River Canyon S27.35.594 E017.37.348 Place of interest Main View Point  
Betta S25.22.943 E016.25..448 Fuel Caltex  
Rundu S17.55.218 E019.46.258 Fuel Engen  
Opuwo S18.03.766 E013.50.479 Fuel BP  
Sesfontein S19.07.240 E013.37.225 Fuel    
Palmwag S19.53.063 E013.56.815 Fuel    
Keetmanshoop S26.27.876 E018.16.189 Place of interest Giants Playground  
Luderitz S26.39.360 E015.04.988 Place of interest Halifax island viewpoint viewpoint to see the pinguins on Halifax island
Aus S26.35.711 E016.04..546 Place of interest Feral horses viewpoint  
Windhoek S22.33.764 E017.04.527 Camping Cardboard box hostel Hostel that allows camping
Rundu S17.54.825 E019.46.159 Internet    
Opuwo S18.03.779 E013.50.517 Internet    
Swakopmund S22.40.615 E014.31.543 Internet Out of Africa  
Windhoek S22.34.091 E017.05.008 Internet Fast internet  
Windhoek S22.33.712 E017.05.188 Internet Windhoek Net Cafe  
Opuwo S18.03.724 E013.50.392 Various Kaokoland Info Center  
Kolmanskop S26.42.116 E015.13.902 Place of interest Ghost Town  
Skeleton Coast S20.54.975 E013.27.321 Place of interest Huab lagoon  
Windhoek S22.33.094 E017.05.001 Garages Landrover dealer Expensive and unfriendly
Brakwater S22.26.247 E017.03.551 Garages Roverland Very good landrover specialist just outside Windhoek
Windhoek S22.34.672 E017.05.125 Shops LR Parts Has almost every part for Landrovers in stock and is not expensive
Windhoek S22.34.961 E017.05.596 Shops Maerua Mall Big shopping mall with banks, internet etc. Also an Ocean Basket restaurant here.
Walvisbaai S22.57.641 E014.29.013 Shops Mola Mola Tours Booking office for the dolphin tours
Etosha NP S18.48.272 E016.56.777 Camping Namutoni camp  
Skeleton Coast S20.53.438 E013.26.809 Place of interest Old Oil rig Home to a large colony of birds that breed here
Rundu S18.16.771 E019.24.471 Shops Cymot Midas Car parts and camping gear
Swakopmund S22.40.640 E014.31.963 Restaurant Papas Pizza  
Opuwo S18.02.987 E013.49.958 Camping Opuwo country hotel Even if you do not want to camp here, the place serves nice food and not expensive.
Ruacana S17.24.360 E014.13.035 Camping Hippo Pools camp We did not liked this camp, however is make a nice picknick stop
Walvisbaai S22.56.996 E014.30.196 Transport  ZA Trans Shipping company
Swakopmund S22.40.630 E014.31.512 Shops   In front of this parking place you find a nice bakery where you can buy real italian icecream, a biltong shop and an internet cafe.
Skeleton Coast S20.18.661 E013.38.860 Place of interest Springbokwasser gate North gate
Skeleton Coast S21.10.396 E013.40.168 Place of interest Ugab gate  South gate
Solitaire S23.53.622 E016.00.328 Shops   Try the famous apple pie here
Spitzkoppe S21.50.387 E015.12.097 Place of interest Gate  
Spitzkoppe S21.50.715 E015.10.985 Place of interest Natural bridge  
Rundu S17.54.826 E019.46.232 Shops Spar supermarket  
Opuwo S18.03.547 E013.50.373 Shops Supermarket  
Sesfontein S19.07.382 E013.37.572 Shops Supermarket  
Windhoek S22.35.260 E017.05.17 Shops Pick Pay supermarket Easy parking here
Keetmanshoop S26.34.602 E018.08.127 Shops Spar supermarket  
Luderitz S26.38.753 E015.09.252 Shops Spar supermarket  
Windhoek S22.34.088 E017.04.938 Shops Supertires Good tire shop where they sell the Michelin XZY
Epupa S16.59.961 E013.14.439 Place of interest viewpoint  
Windhoek S22.35.166 E017.04.567 Shops Propshaft engineering for welding of all sorts of metals including aluminium
Buitepos S22.16.896 E019.59.798 Border   Border with Botswana on the Trans Kalahari Highway