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Morocco 2006



  • Days: 2,5 weeks
  • Kilometers: about 3100 km
  • Period: July and August 2006
  • Weather: Hot, except for the coast and the mountains, it was over 40 degrees and almost no rain.

General information:

  • Currency:   Dirham (DH)

  • Internet: Available everywhere

  • ATM's: Available at a lot of banks in almost any town

  • Creditcards: Accepted throughout the country

  • Safety: We experienced Morocco as a safe country. We even bushcamped several times

Prices (per July 2006)

  • Value Money: €1 = 10 DH

  • Fuel:  Diesel ca. 7,5 DH (€ 0,75) in Morocco / In Cueta (this is still Spain) € 0,90

  • Camping: 2 persons and a car between 30 - 60 DH

  • Ferry Algeceiras - Cueta: 2 persons and a car = € 250 (two way ticket with the fast ferry, 35 minutes)          


  • For EU citizen a visa is not needed. On entry you get a stamp in your passport. This is for free.

Border crossing


    Spain - Morocco (Cueta):

  • The border can be very crowded, do not wait in line but park your car and arrange your documents first

  • For each person fill in a immigration form. You can get these for free everywhere, so ignore the people who are selling them.

  • For the car obtain a form that exists of 3 pages (white, yellow, green), you can get these at the custom offices

  • After you filled in both forms you first have to get your passports stamped

  • Then go to the customs and have your car registrated

  • When you have your visa stamps and the car is registrated, go back to your car and cross the border, you can just pass all other cars waiting

  • On entry they will ask if you have anything to declare, they might even check your car

Highlights or not

  • Chefchaouen: Small village with a pitoresk medina most houses are painted blue. We really liked this Medina

  • Fes: Don't miss the Medina and tanneries

  • Sahara: The dunes of the Sahara, we visited Erg Chebbie, Although very touristic we really love the camelride into the desert to the oasis where we slept

  • Todra and Dades Gorge: The gorges are nice. If you have time and your car can manage an off-road track you can drive from Todra up to Agoudal and then down to Dades. It is about 150km's, most of it is off-road and it will take you a whole day.

  • Quarzazate: We visited the movie studio's, but they are not that special

  • Marrakech: Great city and do not miss the Djeema (great square) by night

  • Essaouira: Nice fishing village

  • El Jadida:Portugese water basin is nice

  • Casablanca: The Great Mosk is nice but going inside is expensive (120 DH pp.). Casablanca itself is a dirty crowded city. We did not like it at all

  • Atlantic coast: Though nice beaches here and there we did not liked it very much. The surroundings are not special and there are a lot of big dirty cities. If you have some extra time you can better spend it in the south, in the mountains of in the desert.


  • In Morocco is an islamic country. Friday is for the islamic people a resting day and therefore many shops are closed. If you want to visit a Medina it is best not to plan this on a Friday.



Nederlandse ambassade in Marokko
40 Rue de Tunis
B.P. 329
Tel. 00-212-37-219600
Fax 00-212-37-219665
Open: ma t/m vr van 09:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00




New year 1 January
Independence manifest 11 January
National Holiday 3 March
May day 1 May
Youth day 9 July
Wadi-Eddahab 14 August
Day of the revolution 20 August
Day of the Green Mars 6 November
Indenpendence day 18 November




Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


City Position  


Name Description
Fes N33.59.233 W005.01.096


Diamond Verde Nice camping, hot shower and free use of public swimming pool
Chefchaouen N32.10.644 W005.16.222


Azilan nice camping, friendly staff
  N33.04.370 W004.59.480

Bush camp

  quiet spot on the banks of a mountain lake somewhere between Fes and Midelt
Midelt N32.45.100 W004.55.120


Timnay clean camping
Erfoud N31.25.879 W004.13.507


  not very special, but away from the sandstorm
El Jadida N33.14.442 W008.29.235


  camping is OK
Near Essaouira N31.19.627 W009.47.435

Bush camp

  bush camp in the dunes close to the sea
Marrakech N31.37.291 W007.59.560


  safe parking in the centre close to the Djeemna
Marrakech N31.43.107 W008.58.986


Ferdaous Clean camping with every morning fresh bread and orange juice in the shop
Errachidia N31.51.400 W004.16.961


Source de Blue Meski nice oase where you can swim, also camping 
Casablanca N33.33.736 W007.38.684


International Oasis camping is OK, staff unfriendly
Casablanca N33.35.782 W007.35.086


  landrover dealer