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Malawi 2007



  • Days: 18 days
  • Period: September / October 2007
  • Weather: Dry and warm. In the moring and evening however it is a bit cooler and very comfortable. In the mountains in Nyika NP it got very cold after sunset, during the day however it was quite hot.

General information:

  • Currency:  Malawi Kwacha (MKW)

  • Internet: Widely available throughout the country. Quite a few lodges and campsites have internet as well.

  • ATM's: In many towns there is an ATM for Visa. ATM's for Cirrus and Maestro are also available in most bigger cities. Standard bank and NB (National Bank of Malawi) offer both services

  • Creditcards: Creditcards are accepted in some hotels and restaurants but not used a lot. Fuel can only be paid in cash.

  • Safety: Malawi is a very safe country. The atmosphere is relaxed and people are extremely friendly. 

Prices (per October 2007)

  • Value Money: €1 = around 192 MKW

  • Fuel:  178,7 MKW per liter diesel. In the whole country the price is the same.

  • Camping: Between 250 and 1000 MKW per person per night. Camping in the National Parks is more expensive. Nyika NP was 8 US$ per person per night.


  • If your are Dutch you can get it on the border free of charge. 

  • Visa is a single entry visa and valid for the time you request. We asked for a month but we do not know what the maximum is.

Border crossing

  • ENTRY: We've entered from Tanzania at Songwe. This was the quickest and cheapest border so far. In less than 10 minutes everything was finished and without any costs. Immigration and customs are in the same building. When entering the country the ask for your insurance. The Comesa we bought in Nairobi is also valid in Malawi so we did not needed an insurance, but if you do, it is available at the border.

  • EXIT: We left  Malawi at Minchji (border with Zambia). No costs and quick and easy.


Highlights or not

  • Malawi itself: As soon as you enter the country you will notice it. The whole country breathes an atmosphere of calm and the people are extremely friendely. Malawi is called "the warm heart of Africa" and it really is. Just to experience this was a highlight for us.

  • Nyika NP: Rolling hills covered with high grass. The place is quite remote and not visited a lot, but we did liked it. Except for some gazelles we did not see many animals and activities are very expensive here. The campsite is a very nice place.

  • Lake Malawi: Lake Malawi is one of the main attractions of Malawi. Around the lake you will find many lodges and campsites and most of them offer a wide range of activities. We visited the lake at Chitimba, Kande Beach, Senga Bay and Cape Maclear. They were all very nice places.



  • Coming from Tanzania, you do need to get fuel or cash in advance. Not far from the border, in Karonga, you can get fuel and there is a visa ATM.

  • Make sure you have an insurance when entering Malawi. If you do not have it you can buy it on the border. The police stopped us quite often and every time they wanted to see our insurance.

  • There is a very good Chinese restaurant in Blantyre (Hongkong)

  • Just south of Nkhata Bay there are many rubber plantations. Here just along the main road you will find people selling the famous Malawi rubber balls. You must bargain.

  • On your way to Zambia, fill up your tanks in Malawi. Fuel is very expensive in Zambia, especially just over the border.

  • Labour is very cheap in Malawi so if you have a problem with your car that will costs you mainly labour instead of spare parts, it might be interesting to have it done in Malawi. Especially in Blantyre there are some good workshops and dealers.

Roads (October 2007)

  • Songwe (border with Tanzania) - Chitimba: Reasonable tarmac with some few deep potholes.

  • Chitimba - Livingstonia: about 1 hour, steep piste with 20 sharp hairpin curves. Ok, when it is dry.

  • Livingstonia - Rumphi: 2 hours, beautiful but very dusty piste through the mountains.

  • Rumphi - Entrance Nyika NP: 50 KM, about 1,5 hours. Dusty piste with some corrugation.

  • Entrance Nyika NP - Chelinda Camp: 60 KM, about 2 hours, rough piste and very slippery when wet.

  • Rumphi - Mzuzu: about 1 hour, good tarmac.

  • Mzuzu - Nkhata Bay: bad tarmac, many big potholes.

  • Nkhata Bay - Kande Beach: good tarmac, rubber plantations just south of Nkhata Bay

  • Kande Beach - Senga Bay: 100 km good tarmac.

  • Senga Bay - Lilongwe good tarmac.

  • Lilongwe - Blantyre: 300 km good tarmac.

  • Blantyre - Ulongwe: good tarmac.

  • Ulongwe - Cape Maclear: Very bad tarmac with many big potholes. The last 18 km is piste with heavy corrugation.

  • Cape Maclear - Kapiti: To Kapiti it is mainly piste with bad corrugation.

  • Kapiti - Senga Bay: Via Golomoti and Salima is good tarmac.

  • Iringa - Mbeya: good tarmac.

  • Lilongwe - Minchji (Zambia border): 2 hours, good tarmac.


Important addresses


Nederlands consulaat Malawi
Metcalfe Drive
Kabula Hill, Blantyre
P. O. Box 5096
Tel. 00-265-1-635268/00-265-1-623181/00-265-8-821-018/00-265-9-918-791
Fax 00-265-1-623181




New Year 1 January
Clilembwe Day 15 January
Easter, Pinkster March / April
Labour Day 1 May
Day of Freedom 14 June
Day of the Republic 6 July
Mothers Day October
Arbor Day December
Christmas 25 December
Boxing Day 26 December





Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Mzuzu S11.27.696 E034.01.148 Shops Sunbake bakery Bakery
Blantyre S15.47.201 E035.00.636 Shops Famous Bakery Bakery
Karonga S09.56.102 E033.56.545 Banks National Bank of Malawi Visa ATM
Mzuzu S11.27.765 E034.01.436 Banks National Bank of Malawi Visa ATM
Blantyre S15.47.108 E035.00.325 Banks Standard bank Visa ATM
Chitimba S10.35.117 E034.10.518 Camping Chitimba Beach resort Nice place with friendly Dutch owners. Hot showers and restaurant. 560 KW pppn
Livingstonia S10.35.128 E034.07.663 Camping Lukwe Eco Lodge Eco friendly lodge. We found the manager a bit too pushy. Hot showers and restaurant. 725 KW pppn
Nyika S10.35.097 E033.47.956 Camping Chelinda Camp Quiet place with a stunning view. It can get very cold at night. The staff will make you a great fire before they leave. Hot showers and a free campfire. 8 US$ pppn
Mzuzu S11.27.425 E034.01.676 Camping Mzoozoozoo Friendly place close to the center. Hot showers and restaurant. 500 KW pppn.
Kande Beach S11.57.096 E034.07.289 Camping Kande Beach Resort Good place on the lake. Hot showers, restaurant, watersports, internet and internet. 600 KW pppn
Senga Bay S13.42.936 E034.37.726 Camping Steps Campsite Clean place but lonely and very expensive and you get eaten by ants. Hot showers and electricity. 1000 KW pppn.
Lilongwe S13.59.966 E033.45.575 Camping Mabuya Camp Close to the center and you will meet a lot of travellers. Hot showers, restaurant and internet. 420 KW pppn.
Blantyre S15.47.015 E035.00.909 Camping Doogles Nice place and good facilities, however camping grounds are not that great. Hot showers, restaurant, swimming pool, internet. NO DOGS allowed. 435 KW pppn.
Cape Maclear S14.01.435 E034.50.469 Camping Fat Monkey At the southern tip of Lake Malawi. You can camp very close to the beach. Tough road to get here (lot of corrugation). Hot showers, restaurant. 400 KW pppn.
Senga Bay S13.43.850 E034.37.154 Camping Cool runnings This place is much better than Steps CS and less than half of the price. Camping on real green grass. Hot showers, restaurant, library. 400 KW pppn.
Blantyre S15.47.033 E035.00.279 Restaurant Hong Kong Very good Chinese restaurant
Blantyre S15.47.197 E035.00.247 Restaurant Kips Good Fastfood place. Serves good icecream as well.
Mzuzu S11.27.627 E034.00.950 Internet Post Office  
Lilongwe S13.58.425 E033.45.416 Junction   Junction road from Lilongwe to border with Zambia
Blantyre S15.47.871 E035.01.130 Garages City Motors Landrover / BMW dealer and workshop
Livingstonia S10.36.546 E034.06.746 City Center    
Nyika NP S10.50.096 E033.35.441 Place of interest Thazima Gate Main gate of Nyika NP
Rumphi S11.01.380 E033.51.393 Shops Peoples Supermarket
Blantyre S15.47.287 E035.00.301 Shops Peoples Supermarket
Mzuzu S11.27.730 E034.01.292 Shops Peoples Supermarket
Manchji S13.44.863 E032.47.678 Border   Border between Malawi and Zambia