Lesotho 2015

overland lesotho


  • Days: 5 days
  • Period: End of February
  • Weather:  Warm and sunny and with a few showers. 


General information:

  • Currency: Lesotho Loti. The Loti is fixed to the South African Rand, which is accepted everywhere. Make sure you spend all your local money when leaving the country as the Loti is only accepted in Lesotho. We only used South African Rands when we were here.

  • Internet: Malealea lodge was the only place we had internet. 

  • ATM's: available in the cities and larger villages

  • Creditcards: Accepted in most lodges. For most small things only cash is used.

  • Safety: Lesotho is a very poor country and although the crime rate is not as bad as in South Africa, you must be careful here. Many ATM's are watch by armed guards, so if you need money better to use these onces. Despite the povery the people are very friendly here. We felt safer here than in many places in South Africa.


Prices (February 2015)

  • Value Money: €1 = 13 Loti or 13 South African Rand (both are used)

  • Fuel: diesel is 11 Rand per liter (about € 0,85) per liter

  • Camping: Around 180 Rand per night for 2 persons and a car

  • Prices: Although a very poor country many things are a bit more expensive then in South Africa. Especially luxury items and touristic activities.  As large mall are not common here you better do your shopping in South Africa.



  • valid = 30 days from date of entry 

  • We obtained our visa at the border and it was free of charge. 


Border crossing

  • Entry: We entered at Tele Bridge coming from South Africa 

  • Exit: We left at Caledon's poort going to South Africa   

Both border crossing were quick and easy and without any hassle. 

Note: at Tele Bridge you must be toll (30 Rand)


  • From Mohale's Hoek - to Malealea: Off road track through the country side. Road is a bit rocky but OK. Nice scenery and small villages. Last 7 kms to the Malealea Lodge were the worst. Quality of the may vary depending on the weather.

  • From Roma - to Ramabanta: Tarmac 
  • From Roma - to Mohale Dam: Sealed mountain road. Good tarmac but sometimes quite steep. Great views.
  • From Mohale Dam - to Katse Dam: Off road track through the heart of Lesotho. Track was not very bad and the views are wonderful. Great ride. 
  • From Katse Dam - to Pitseng: Sealed mountain road. Good tarmac but sometimes quite steep. Coming from Katse Dam there is one part where the road goes downhill for 10 kms without a break. We had to use 4x4 and low gear here to keep the car under control. This is a very nice drive with again great views. 


Fees for Toll roads, briges, tunnels and ferries

  • Except for 30 Rand toll at the Tele Bridge border post there were no there costs.  


Highlights or not

  • Horse riding at Malealea lodge: price 240 Rand per person for a  two hour ride. (for a group of two people). Horse riding here is a almost a must do and definitely a great experience. Horse rides are offered from 1 hour to trips of several days. The horses are reliable and taken care of very well. Horse riding here is run as a community based activity. So many locals benefit.

  • The scenic ride from the lowlands to Mohale Dam and Katse Dam in the highlands and back: Great scenic drive to the heart of the country. Mountain passes, dams and high mountains. Nice scenery and small villages. We really liked this roundtrip.  

  • Quthing, Dino museum: Small museum with a few dino footprints. Not very special and not worth the ride. 




Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"

Download page for list of waypoints in Excel or Garmin format

LS-CAMP01 - S29°49.735 E27°35.994
Malealea, Malealea lodge. Nice place that offers many activities and great horse riding. Free wifi at the bar. Lodge supports community projects. Lodge can only be reached by bad rocky off-road track (preferably with 4x4). Costs for camping was 180 Rand per night for 2 people and a car.

LS-CAMP02 - S29°39.962 E27°47.796
Ramabanta, Ramabanta lodge. Lodge also has a campsite. Lodge is reached by a nice scenic drive. Also from the lodge the views are great. Around the lodge are some good walking trails

LS-DINO - S30°23.859 E27°41.468
Quthing, Small museum with some dino footprints (not very special)

LS-CAMP03 - S29°20.688 E28°30.665
Katse dam viewpoint. Place has 24-7 security and allows camping. Nice view but ablution is basic. No costs for camping

LS-SA - S28°41.649 E28°14.045
Caledonspoort border post.  Border Lesotho to South Africa.