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Egypt 2007



  • Days: 21
  • Period: May
  • Weather: Warm till very hot. Temperatures around between 30 and 40 degrees.

General information:

  • Currency: Egyption Pounds (EP)   

  • Internet: Available in many places

  • ATM's: Available everywhere

  • Safety: Jordan is a very safe country to travel in. Throughout the country there are many checkpoints.

Prices (per May 2007)

  • Value Money: €1 = 7,7 EP

  • Fuel:  0,80 EP per liter (about € 0,10)

  • Camping: Varies from 20 EP till 45 EP per night

  • Entrance fees: Giza (sfinx and pyramids) = 102 EP for two persons and a car, Trip through Black and White dessert cost us 300 EP for 2 nights, St. Katherina sanctuary is 30 EP, Camel ride up Mount Sinai 100 EP.

  • Egypt is a cheap country but getting in and out with your own car is pretty expensive.

Visa & Border crossing

  • We arrange for our visa in Aqaba. This cost us 12 JD each. Getting your visa on board of the boat is also possible.

  • Ferry for Aqaba to Nuweiba cost us 260 US dollar (190 US Dollar for the car and 35 US Dollar per person). These prices are for the slow ferry that takes 3 hours. The fast ferry takes only one hour cost 30 US Dollar more. The costs for the Ferry cannot be paid in Jordan Dinar.

  • Insurance = 55 EP for one month

  • Dessert Licence = 10,50

  • Egyptian licence plates = 100 EP

  • Copies of documents = 30 EP

  • Tax = 505 EP

Highlights or not

  • Dahab: Very touristic beach resort with a relax atmosphere.

  • 3 Pools: Best place for snorkling at this diving spot south of Dahab.

  • Mount Sinai: Great views on top. Going up is a pretty intensive hike.

  • Pyramids and Sfinx: Cannot be missed.

  • Oasis: Nice places to relax. Some have hot springs.

  • Black Dessert: Nothing special.

  • White Dessert: The best landscape in the whole of Egypt. Really beautiful.

  • Luxor: Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatsepsut Temple cannot be missed.


  • Getting your visa for Sudan in Cairo is quick and easy. Price is 100 US Dollar per person (can only be paid in US Dollar). 

  • In Egypt you have to bargain for everything.



New year 1 January
Koptic Christmas 6 January
Sinai Liberation Day 25 April
Labour Day 1 May
Day of the Suez-channel 18 June
Revolution Day 23 July
Armed Forces Day 6 October
Suez Day 24 October
Day of Victory 23 December
Christmas Day 25 December





Grid: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm"


Black Dessert N28.07.559 E028.44.324 Various   Entrance point Black Dessert
Black Dessert N28.05.305 E028.43.433 Various   Exit point Black Dessert
Cairo N30.03.402 E031.14.151 City Center   Cairo City Centre
Cairo N29.58.170 E031.10.448 Camping Salma Camp Camp site in Cairo. We have not been here.
Dahab N28.29.528 E034.30.969 Hotel Auski Camp Very basic but good and cheap hotel. Safe  parking in front of the door
Dahab N28.26.162 E034.27.435 Bush camp 3 Pools Bush camp on the beach of a great snorkling spot. To get here you must pass 3 checkpoints. When you have a note from a diving spot, they will let you through
St. Katherina N28.33.685 E033.58.136 Camping Fox Dessert Camp Nice bedouin hotel. We were allowed to camp within the hotel area
Cairo N30.01.600 E031.13.435 Hotel Garden City House Hotel Basic hotel in the centre of Cairo, 3 blocks from the Sudanese Embassy
Bahariya N28.18.034 E028.56.376 Camping Eden Garden Village Nice campsite. You can organise trips to the Black and White dessert from here.
Dakhla N25.29.270 E028.58.652 Camping Forsan Hotel We were allowed to camp behind the hotel, where the have shade and grass.
Luxor N25.42.682 E032.38.911 Camping Rezeiky Camp Great camping in the centre of Luxor with shade, grass and a swimming pool.
Dahab N28.29.665 E034.30.545 City Center   Dahab city centre
Nuweiba N28.58.525 E034.39.843 Various   Ferry port Nuweiba
Cairo N29.58.872 E031.07.692 Place of interest   Giza pyramids
Luxor N25.41.436 E032.38.236 Supermarket Omar Market Biggest supermarket in Luxor
Luxor N25.41.391 E032.38.441 Supermarket A-one Market Supermarket in Luxor
Luxor N25.43.217 E032.36.668 Place of interest   Colossi of Memnon
Luxor N25.44.104 E032.36.809 Place of interest   Hatshepsut temple
Luxor N25.42.013 E032.38.387 Place of interest   Luxor temple
Luxor N25.43.223 E032.39.281 Place of interest   Karnak temple
Luxor N25.44.789 E032.36.300 Place of interest   Valley of Kings
Luxor N27.41.423 E028.27.882 Various   Entrance White Dessert
Aswan N24.04.963 E032.54.449 City Center   City Center of Aswan
Aswan N24..05.951 E032.53.977 Various Nile River transportation Booking office for the ferry to Sudan
Aswan N23.58.205 E032.52.890 Place of interest   Aswan High Dam
Aswan N23.58.465 E032.53.823 Various   Harbour for the ferry to Sudan
Aswan N24.06.274 E032.54.092 Hotel New Abu Simbel Basic hotel with airconditioning
Aswan N24.10.135 E032.51.974 Camping Adam's Home Basic camping with very friendly staff. Unfortunately not much shade.
Aswan N24.05.005 E032.54.518 Various   Traffic police for returning your Egyptian plates