Since a couple of years now we use a GPS when travelling. Our current GPS is a Garmin Map 276C. For us the perfect device; it has logical controls; very clear display and most important, it can stand a good deal. Everywhere in world we can find our way with it, whether the location is on a map or not. Navagating by GPS we often make use of waypoints (GPS coordinates). 

When making preparations for a journey we gather a lot of these waypoint through websites of other travellers or we track them through Google Earth. Once on the road we of course create many new own waypoints. Coordinates of special locations, practical addresses, interesting places or great spots to stay overnight. Being travellers ourselves we know like no other how waypoints offered by others can serve you. Grateful we will return te favour by making our own waypoints available for everybody who is interested.                                                                                                                                              

Below you can download them. The waypoints are available in:

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From travellers for travellers!

Great website and Iphone App for finding waypoints all over the world.

Available downloads: 

2016   Roadtrip Israël


2016   Roadtrip Andalusia and Southern Portugal

2015   Overland through Southern Africa

2014   Overland from Holland to Thailand

2013   Roadtrip France (Normandy and Paris)

2012   Roadtrip Poland and former East Germany

2011   Overland through the Balkans; Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania

2010   Overland to the North Cape through Norway and Sweden

2009   Roadtrip Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles

2008   Overland from India to Holland (through Iran and Pakistan)

2007   Overland from Holland to Cape Town (through Eastern Africa)

- Practical overview in Excel format (.xls)

- GPS file in Garmin format (.gdb)

Excel download

Garmin download

2017   Roadtrip Baltics

2018   Roadtrip Madagascar