Our dream 

Travelling, for some a vacation for others a way of life. Travelling strikes to the imagination; white beaches and exotic destinations. An investigation into the question: “where are you dreaming about?”, showed, that travelling is by far the most favourite subject. 93% of the people dream about travelling now and then. At least our dream is not very original.

Short holidays and long journeys, white beaches and exotic destinations, during the past years we have travelled a lot and seen a lot. Nevertheless we also kept on dreaming about travelling. Not for a short vacation of a couple of weeks, but fulltime for an extensive period of time. Like sturdy explorers travelling the world with a backpack. A vision that comes up quite often but we never made real plans.

A change takes place in the summer of 2005, when we travelled through Namibia with a rented bush camper. The vastness of the land and the ultimate freedom of travelling by car grabs us. It is during this trip when we first meet "overlanders". People who travel the world with their own car for some time enjoying a life that is not controlled by the western concepts like time, efficiency, achievements and obligations. Looking back this was the turning point. For a few weeks we enjoy this way of life and get the taste for it. Without realising it our dream slowly moves from fantasy into reality. Very carefully we start daydreaming. "How would it be, when we would go on a trip like that?". The thought was pleasant and very persistent as well.


Once back home in Holland, the idea continued spinning around in our heads and finally, a few months after the trip, we promised eachother: “when our animals have died, ……when we have sold our house, ………when we have enough money,…… when, ……… than we will go on a journey like that. 

Although a bit relieved by this promise we also realised that it would probably take years before we could meet all these “when-conditions”. The dream however has already deeply rooted and delay with the risk of cancellation is not an option anymore. Since our promise the idea of a long trip has changed from an impossibility to a possibility and the first weekend of 2005 the decision is final. We will go travelling and we will do it as soon as possible! And for all our "when-issues" we will somehow find a solution. With time comes counsel!

2007-2008 we make a great overland trip through Asia and Africa

A persistent dream

Would you ever go on a journey like that again?". The question has been asked very often and we always answered: "YES", because if there is one thing our journey did not change it is our dream. In contrast with our expectations doing a trip like this might well be the worst medicine against long travelling, because instead of saturation their is a new longing for more. Sometime we feel like two junkies. The more we take from the adventure vitamin the more we are longing for it. 

With a new trip on the horizon many small "when-issues" try to inflict upon us again, but this time it is not so hard to resist them. Soon after our first trip we find another car and almost exactly 7 years after the start of our first trip we will embark on a new adventure. 

Dreaming is a verb!

2014-2015 we will make a overland trip through Central Asia to South East Asia

He who has no dream also has no reality –Ramses Shaffy -